Shroud explains what his daily routine would have looked like if he actually became a pro in VALORANT

Shroud explains how it might have been like

Shroud is one of the most mechanically gifted FPS player of all time.

Back in April, he made a joke about going pro in VALORANT. As it turns out it was all just a joke. Shroud later clarified that he actually wanted to go pro in VALORANT but he can’t at the moment. Recently in his stream, he explained briefly what his typical day would have looked like if he actually joined a professional VALORANT roster.

The thing is I wouldn’t be able to balance my days right. Imagine eight hours of off-stream practice. So, that’s waking up, getting ready, eight hours of off-stream practice and that leaves I don’t know maybe three or four hours to stream. That’s just not enough time.” Shroud on his typical day as a VALORANT pro and streamer.

Shroud really loves being a streamer

From his explanation, it is pretty clear that Shroud really wanted to go pro in VALORANT. Although he currently enjoys his life as a streamer way more to give up everything that he has right now. This along with the fact that he did sign a multi-year multi-million dollar deal with Mixer, so he probably has a fixed amount of time that he has to stream every week.

Shroud mixer
Image via Mixer

After scriming for eight straight hours in a day, it can be difficult for players to stream for another couple of hours with full energy. According to Shroud top professional players usually do not stream their scrims as other teams can easily see through their strategies early and can potentially try to create a counter.

During a live-stream when he was asked if he ever regretted his decision after leaving twitch for mixer, he replied that joining mixer was one of his best decision that he has ever made in his life.

Seems like Shroud really enjoys where he is at the moment. Even though he wants to join a pro team, it is best for him to just stream right now. Adding more pressure to his lifestyle would just make things harder for Shroud. Therefore it is highly unlikely that we will ever see Shroud compete in any big VALORANT esports tournament any time soon.


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