Shroud describes his ideal video game

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is now a retired ex-professional counter-strike player who used to play for Cloud 9. He is known for his amusing mechanical skills with a mouse and keyboard.

With the rise of PUBG, Shroud decided to part ways with professional CSGO and started to exclusively stream on twitch. Despite his skills in first-person shooter games, Shroud also loves to dabble in other genres of video games such as RPGs.

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World of Warcraft is seemingly one of those games that he streams in spite of his viewership taking a massive hit. When a viewer asked what would be his ideal video game during one of his streams, he gave some glimpse into what types of games he would really like to play.

Shroud’s dream game

According to Shroud, Second life with some fantasy elements would be his ideal video game. Instead of some obvious answer like CSGO, his dream video game is actually games with deep role-playing elements.

Second Life  Shroud
Image via Linden Lab

My dream video game is truly being able to go wherever you look“, Shroud on his dream role-playing title.

Basically, a role-playing game where anything is possible, where you can do whatever you want with some high fantasy elements is his ideal video game. Also, his favorite video game of all time would just be a heavy role-playing game.

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Role-playing games have come a long way in the last few years. As of now, there are a lot of really good options on the market. Games like WoW, second life, etc have some dedicated player base that really enjoys every aspect of living their fantasy in another world.

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