Should Melusi be nerfed before Operation Steel Wave launches on live servers?

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Steel Wave will be bringing two new operators to the game: Ace and Melusi.

Operation Steel Wave update has been on the Test Server for almost 3 weeks now, and the Siege community had enough time to try out these new operators.

Ace, the 2 speed 2 armor attacker, has been very well received by the community as he is very fun to play and not that frustrating for the defenders. On the other hand, the new 3 speed 1 armor defender Melusi has created a lot of buzz in the community recently.

Melusi has been labeled as the new oppressive defender in the game. While she is still a very good operator and fun to play, on the attacker side her gadget is just a source of frustration.

Melusi’s Banshee devices activate whenever an attacker comes nearby to its area, producing a loud distorting sound and slowing down the attacker’s movement. And in an FPS game, it isn’t fun at all to have your movement restricted. Furthermore, she has three of these bulletproof Banshee devices ready to be deployed at the start of the round.

Melusi Loadout

Melusi loadout
(Deployable shield replaced with Nitro Cell)

Melusi’s loadout contains one of the best SMGs in the game with impact grenades as a secondary. When Melusi launched on the Test Server, she also had a deployable shield, which has now been replaced with a Nitro Cell. It may be a nerf when looking from the competitive side, but she can also be very deadly with her Banshee and Nitro duo.

Two times World Champion Niclas Pengu Mouritzen criticized about this new operator, saying Melusi doesn’t take much skill to play in her current state. Pengu described the Banshee device as a “set-it and forget-it” type of gadget, where the AI does most of the work.

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Pengu suggested a new idea, where Melusi had a “remote control and a meter like vigil/cav/clash” that surely will require more skill and teamwork.

Many other Pro Players and casual players in the community have also been sharing ideas to change or nerf Melusi. The most popular and easy to implement nerf by far would be to remove one of her banshee devices. But this change hasn’t been implemented on the Test Server so far.

Operation Steel Wave is still on the Test Server as of now, so there is still some time for a Melusi nerf before the official launch. But do you think Melusi needs a change or should she remain in her current state?

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave should launch on the live servers this week, so stay tuned for that.

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