Should Jackal be reworked again in the future?

Potential Jackal Rework?

The GEO attacker Jackal was introduced in Operation Velvet Shell of Rainbow Six Siege. Since Jackal’s arrival, he has been one of the best attackers in the game to clear out roamers with his Eyenox gadget.

Jackal’s primary gadget can be used to scan the defender’s footprints and reveal their positions with a ping system. His gadget can be really frustrating to play against, which why he is banned in most of the ranked matches.

To mitigate these frustrations, Jackal received a small rework in Operation Shifting Tides. So now the number of pings Jackal receives from a scan depends on the age of the footprint. Therefore older footprints (differentiated with colors) will receive less number of pings.

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On current live servers, Jackal still uses this system. The nerf did reduce some frustrations; however, Jackal still has the highest ban rate in the ranked mode of Rainbow Six siege.

The latest ban rate from Y5S1 shows that with a 63% ban rate Jackal still remains in the top position. Jackal might be a tactical-ban for some teams, but now most teams are banning him to play comfortably i.e a “comfort-ban”.

Many players are now pitching in ideas to nerf Jackal like making his pings visible only to him and not the whole attacking team.

Macie Jay’s New Jackal Rework Concept

Siege content creater Macie Jay has a whole new concept for a Jackal rework. In a recent tweet, Macie Jay stated that he wants Jackal’s ping system to be completely removed.

“The way I imagined it is if Valkrie tossed a cam and the gadget was still intact you’d see an indicator on the footprints saying Valk tossed a cam from this position/direction, then Jackal can infer its location and destroy it,” Macie added about the “clues for gadget placements”.

It surely is an interesting idea, but implementing such a system to be fair and balanced won’t be easy. But Ubisoft is here to listen to the community so maybe they will take this idea back to their studio.

So do you think Jackal deserves a rework or should he remain in his current state? Rainbow Six Siege’ newest season Operation Steel Wave is set to release sometime in June, so stay tuned for the latest updates.

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