Shatterline Character Tier List: Best Operators to Use in PvP

If you’re looking for the best Operators to use in Shatterline PvP mode, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will tell you what characters you may use in PvP Modes to get better outcomes.

Shatterline is a new Free-to-Play FPS game currently in an early access state on Steam. The game has a roguelike Co-Op mode called Expedition and several PvP game modes such as TDM, Conquest, Demolition, and Escort.

The characters in Shatterline are called the Operatives or Operators. Like all hero-shooter games, every operator in this game also has unique abilities. So, naturally, these Operators are modified and designed to serve different roles and purposes.

However, like any other game, some characters in Shatterline are more sought-after compared to other Operators because of their abilities and versatility in different scenarios. So, we’re here to help you pick the best Operator for you in PvP modes.

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How Many Operators are There in Shatterline?

Shatterline is in an early state right now. Currently, in Season 1, there are 8 unique Operatives in Shatterline. These Operatives are also divided into 4 different Roles: Trooper, Support, Exo, and Recon.

Best Operators in Shatterline (A Complete Tier List)

Before we start with the tier list, we want to clarify that every Operator in Shatterline is good in their own way. Based on their Roles, they all come in a clutch in different circumstances. However, in PvP game modes, you need to be able to pull your weight and help your team to achieve victory.

As a result, some characters are highly preferred over other Operators because of their versatility. So, this guide is to help you to pick the best Operators in PvP mode. This tier list is subjective and ideal for beginners who want to start playing Shatterline but are confused about who to play.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the tier list. Based on their abilities and usability in different combat scenarios, we’ll put every Shatterline Operator into three categories: S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier.

S-TierMalva, Orbit
A-TierMongoose, Strix, Ram, Brisa
B-TierPill, Kite

This tier list is made during the early state of Shatterline. For better critique and judgment, we considered every Operator on their max 8 levels with all equipment and progressions unlocked. To know more about every Operator and their abilities in Shatterline, we recommend you go over this link.

S-Tier Operators


Shatterline Malva S tier
Credit: Frag Lab

Malva is a very robust Support class character. However, don’t be fooled by her Support Role. She can carry 3 Medkits at a time. While injured, she can use a Medkit to regain full HP instantly. Malva can also drop the Medkits to her teammates, and they’ll also be full HP pretty quickly.

As enemies, Malva’s Drone Pinscher is an annoying device to face against. Not only does this drone give damage to enemies, but it also makes them disoriented, making them easy to kill.

Her ultimate Healing Station can recover everyone within the range to full HP quickly. Additionally, it reduces the incoming damage by 20%, making Malva and her teammates almost invincible for a while.


Shatterline Orbit S tier
Credit: Frag Lab

Orbit is one of the most powerful Operators in Shatterline for PvP. As a Trooper, Orbit has Increased Regeneration ability, making him take gunfights more efficiently than others. His Expert Sapper passive also makes him one of the best-picked characters in Demolition mode.

Additionally, Orbit has Dimensional Leap, which allows him to evade a fight or dash toward the enemy to disorient them. On the other hand, Orbit’s Spy Drone is a compact UAV that reveals enemies’ positions to him. His Swarm Grenade tactical emits Crystalline insects that function like heat-seeker explosives and deal massive damage to the affected enemies.

Orbit’s Ultimate Crystalline Injection is one of a kind. If you or your teammate face a horde of enemies camping at any point, with the help of his ultimate, Orbit can easily invade those areas and make a pathway for his teammates.

A-Tier Operators


Shatterline Mongoose A Tier
Credit: Frag Lab

Like Orbit, Mongoose is also a Trooper Operator with Increased Regeneration and Expert Sap abilities. However, he also has one more passive ability: Headbutt, unlocked from the beginning. With this ability, Mongoose can evade enemy attacks and get to safe spots quickly.

Mongoose carries a Smoke Grenade that is helpful for planting/ defusing explosives in Demolition, pushing convoys in Escort, and holding a point on Conquest game mode. His Frag Grenade is a very easy-to-use equipment that deals tremendous damage to enemies.

The R40 Supersling is also a top-tier Ultimate, loaded with proximity-sensitivity grenades. With this grenade launcher, Mongoose can clear any horde of enemies by himself.


Shatterline Strix A tier
Credit: Frag Lab

Strix is arguably the best Exo Operator in Shatterline. Thanks to her Role, Strix possesses a special exosuit giving her Exo Kick and Exo Sprint abilities. With Exo Kick, she can make pathways for her teammates by bashing down specific doors.

Additionally, she can quickly close large distances with her Exo Sprint ability. This ability comes in a clutch in most PvP scenarios. Strix also possesses bigger Wall Grenades, which makes it easier for her and her teammates to hold any position from swarming enemies.

Using Crystalline Grenade and Wall Grenade, Strix can almost instantly shut down any enemy push. However, if you have an aggressive playstyle, you can use Fire Wall Grenade instead of the Crystalline one, which will provide a more satisfactory outcome.

Strix’s Ultimate, M.556 Volcano is also one of a kind. With this 6-barrel machine gun, she can go on a rampage for about 30 seconds, making her the worst nightmare for players on the receiving end.


Shatterline Ram A tier
Credit: Frag Lab

Like Strix, Ram is also an Exo Operator with Exo Kick and Exo Sprint abilities. While Strix is more of a defensive character, Ram’s abilities are more suited to an offensive role.

With Ram’s robotized prosthetic arm, he can emit Gravity Strike, making enemies disoriented and easy to kill. To complement his Gravity Strike, Ram also carries Throwing Axe. It is a one-hit kill weapon that is better used when you are out of ammo or confident enough not to miss.

Also, if you don’t like the Throwing Axe, you can opt-in for the Explosive Axe, which deals notable damage within a short range. Ram’s Hyperdash Ultimate is very situational but incredibly useful for clutch situations in PvP modes.


Shatterline Brisa A Tier
Credit: Frag Lab

Brisa is a Recon character. Naturally, she can climb to some specific elevated spots with her High Climbing ability, which others may deem impossible.

Her equipments: Tactical Cloak and Glass Mine lack efficiency in most PvP game modes compared to other Operators’ abilities. However, they are by no means not useful, especially while playing defensively. However, if you prefer an aggressive playstyle, you should go for the Shock Charge equipment.

Crystalline Rifle is one of the flashiest Ultimate to use in the game. It is also insanely powerful and the only ultimate in the game with a very long-range kill potential.

B-Tier Operators


Shatterline Pill B Tier
Credit: Frag Lab

Pill is the true definition of a Support character in this game. His abilities are mostly committed to supporting others compared to other Operators. Like Malva, he also has the Full Health Revival ability.

His Med Drone tags along with him and revives him or any fallen teammates with maximum HP. To complement his somewhat defensive playstyle, Pill also has the Stasis Field and Quantum Nullifier equipments that make enemies slow or disintegrate hostile drones.

For Pill’s Ultimate, he equips the Crystalline Shotgun loaded with Crystalline pellets that deal damage over time. He can shoot 15 rounds with the Shotgun and gets 30 seconds to use them. The Ultimate demands close-range combat, which doesn’t suit Pill’s fighting style considering his other abilities.


Shatterline Kite b tier
Credit: Frag Lab

Kite is a great character. Like Brisa, Kite’s passive ability also uses the High Climbing ability to access higher grounds. Kite has Mini Wall Grenade that works like Strix’s Wall Grenades. Although he carries 3 Grenades at a time, they are tiny in size compared to Strix’s walls, which is a bummer.

The Remote Mine Kite uses a piece of high-risk, high-reward equipment. You need to be very careful and aware of your surroundings while using it. If used properly, the Remote Mine has a multi-kill potential. However, if you want something easier to use, you should go for the Twin Proximity Mine.

For Kite’s Ultimate, he uses the Crystalline Revolver. It’s an experimental revolver loaded with Crystalline projectiles. Compared to some other characters’ Ultimates, it provides a high value but is very situational and hard to master.

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As mentioned earlier, all characters in Shatterline are decent and pretty balanced compared to characters in other games. Each character has its use in different scenarios. Still, some of the Operators prevail in PvP modes. So, try them out in PvP game modes and see what Operators suit your specific playstyle.

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