Shatterline: Best Mouse & Controller Settings

This guide will help you find the best settings for your mouse or controller so you can take your Shatterline gameplay to the next level.

Shatterline is a new Free-to-Play FPS game currently in an early access state on Steam. The game has a roguelike co-op mode called Expedition and several PvP game modes such as TDM, Conquest, Demolition, and Escort.

Although the game is pretty new, it is constantly gaining popularity because of its incredible shooting mechanism and fast-paced gameplay. As it is a free-to-play title, Frag Lab has attracted a larger player base for its game.

Shatterline is an arena FPS game with a mixture of hero-based abilities. However, like any other FPS game, it is vital to have a consistent aim to become a better player. And, with perfect mouse and controller settings, you can easily reach that goal.

So, without further ado, let’s see what mouse or controller settings you should tweak and use to stay consistent and make better plays in Shatterline. For your convenience, we’ll go through mouse and controller settings in separate sections of this article.

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Best Mouse & Controller Settings for Shatterline

Before we start, it is important to clarify that there are no right or wrong mouse or controller settings. You can use any settings that you feel comfortable with. However, there are some fundamental things that you should consider.

Shatterline encourages fast-paced gameplay compared to traditional FPS games such as CS: GO, VALORANT, and Call of Duty. Also, it is highly recommended to use a higher sensitivity in Shatterline compared to other games.

Why Should You Use High Sensitivity in Shatterline?

With a relatively high mouse or controller sensitivity, you’ll be able to turn around quickly and check every corner effectively. Actions are always happening in Shatterline, and you need to move around your mouse or joysticks on your controller continuously. So, slightly higher sensitivity will also prevent your wrist or hand from serious fatigue.

However, you shouldn’t increase your sensitivity too much, as it will make your aim reasonably inconsistent. You should be able to use your mouse and controller freely and hit your enemies consistently simultaneously. So, the challenge is to find a perfect balance between high sensitivity and a consistent aim.

Mouse Settings

So, after spending countless hours in this game and making lots of trial and error, we found the perfect sensitivity range for your mouse in Shatterline. With 800 DPI, having your Shatterline mouse sensitivity between 55 – 65 will show you the best results, as it’ll help you move your mouse freely while keeping your aim consistent.

If you wish to play on a lower mouse sensitivity, we discourage you from going below the 45 – 54 range as it may make your movement sluggish and your hand tired. The same goes for if you want to use a higher mouse sensitivity. Going above the 66 – 75 range may improve your movement, but it may negatively affect your aim, especially in long-range engagements.

For ADS mouse sensitivity, we recommend you lower it slightly compared to the original mouse sensitivity as your screen zooms in when you ADS your weapon. So, having both sensitivities set to the same one may make your ADS sensitivity seem a little faster.

Shatterline Mouse Settings
Credit: Frag Lab

Here are the recommended mouse settings for Shatterline.

Mouse Sensitivity60
eDPI (DPI x Mouse Sens)48000
Windows Sensitivity6 (Default)
Windows Enhanced Pointer PrecisionOff
Mouse Sensitivity in ADS55
Mouse InversionOff
Crouch ModeToggle
Aiming Mode Toggle

Note: You can use either Toggle or Hold for Crouch Mode and Aiming Mode. It is entirely your personal preference. If you are coming from different FPS games, you already know which one suits you better. There is no right or wrong choice here. However, if you are new to FPS, we recommend you use Toggle mode, as it will make it easier to move your mouse freely.

Controller Settings

There have been many complaints regarding controllers not working correctly in Shatterline. People have said that some of the popular controllers, such as DualShock 4 and XBOX One controllers, are not optimized for Shatterline.

However, people with PS5 controllers said that they work fine. The same goes for the owner of XBOX X and S controllers. So, using the next-gen console controllers is recommended until Frag Lab optimizes every controller for their game.

The main settings to change for your controller are Vertical and Horizontal Sensitivity, Aim Vertical and Horizontal Sensitivity. You have to change these settings according to your preference. But, similar to mouse sensitivity, you should consider having slightly high sensitivity for your controller.

The Vertical and Horizontal sensitivity will affect you while you look around or hip-fire your weapon. Your Aim Vertical and Horizontal sensitivity basically mean your ADS sensitivity. So, it would be best to keep this lower than the regular sensitivity for a consistent aim.

There are also some settings called acceleration. Without any doubt, you should set every acceleration setting to 0. Otherwise, your aiming will feel so much inconsistent. For the Menu cursor speed, we recommend you keep it on default or change it very slightly.

Shatterline Controller Settings
Credit: Frag Lab

Here are the recommended controller settings for Shatterline:

Vertical Sensitivity40
Horizontal Sensitivity40
Vertical Acceleration0
Horizontal Acceleration0
Aim Vertical Sensitivity30
Aim Horizontal Sensitivity30
Aim Vertical Acceleration0
Aim Horizontal Acceleration0
Menu Cursor Speed50

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There you go! These are the best settings for your mouse and controller in Shatterline. Instead of following every setting precisely, we recommend modifying them according to your preference. So, try each setting and see what suits you best. After a little bit of trial and error, hopefully, you’ll find the right settings for your mouse or controller in Shatterline.

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