Sett is Dominating Top Lane with a Massive 56.52% Win Rate in Patch 10.2

Sett, the newest League of Legends champion is currently sitting on a massive 56.52% win rate worldwide with an 18% pick rate.

Sett 56.52% win rate

Sett, The Boss was released in patch 10.1 and in just 12 days Sett currently has a 56.52% win rate in the Top Lane worldwide with a massive 18% pick rate according to Like his win rate, his ban rate is also high with a 55.6% ban rate.

Sett has the highest win rate in the Plat+ NA server with a 58.78% win rate in 1200+ games. The site also shows that with his core items Tabi, Black Cleaver and Sterak’s Gage finished he has a 71% win rate in the NA server.

In EUW, Sett has a 53.9% win rate which is lowest among any major regions. In Korea, he has a 57.73% win rate with a 43.6% ban rate.

Most Popular Sett Rune

Sett runes

Also according to, this rune has a 56.56% win rate in the Top lane world wide. In Korea, according to, maxing W ▶ Q ▶ E has a 55.4% win rate where maxing W ▶ E ▶ Q has a 59.78% win rate.

Sett currently has no counter matchups in which his win rate is below 50% according to Although against Quinn he only has a 50.7% win rate. shows different counter matchups where Sett has only a 47.62% win rate against Soraka!

Many players have already complained in the League of Legends subreddit about how overpowered his kit is despite being so simple to understand. Although Riot will change his, Haymaker (W): Maximum Damage now appears on this ability’s tooltip in the upcoming patch 10.3.


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