Sentinels has reportedly finalized the transfer of Tyson “TenZ” Ngo from Cloud9

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: VCT on Twitter

After months of speculations and rumors, Sentinels has confirmed in a recent Tweet that TenZ shall remain on their roster.

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Back in March of this year, Sentinels brought TenZ to their active VALORANT roster while an ongoing investigation on Sinatraa started. Tyson participated in the Stage 1 Masters of VCT with Sentinels and dominantly achieved victory. After such an impressive performance, TenZ’s value as an eSports player & influencer only grew higher. Rumors about an imminent multi-million dollar buyout began to spread. Leaving the audience in a state of confusion, no official confirmation regarding such transaction or transfer ever took place, until tonight. 

In two back-to-back Tweets, Sentinels has confirmed that TenZ will be staying with the roster, confirming the news of full transfer from Cloud9 as valid. There is little to no doubt that Sentinels has obviously referred TenZ as “He” in the Tweet. Sentinels also hinted about an upcoming “Surprise” in a prior Tweet.

Since March, any news surrounding TenZ couldn’t be verified due to the lack of official information from Cloud9 and Sentinels. At some point after Stage 1 Masters, rumors began to spread that TenZ’s worth was reaching 5 Million USD. Although Cloud9’s CEO denied the validity of such rumors. However, it’s now being reported by the esportsobserver that a full transfer has already taken place, even before the initiation of Stage 2 Masters of VCT. Although, the exact magnitude of the deal between Sentinels & Cloud9 is still unknown. 

Noth American dominance in VALORANT has recently been acknowledged after their victory run at the Stage 2 Masters at Iceland. Sentinels has absolutely surpassed all expectations during the tournament. Without dropping a single map, the team has earned the right to call themselves “World Champions” until Stage 3 Masters at Berlin.

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