Sentinels defeat Cloud9 Blue and secure 1st place in NA VCT Stage 2 Challengers 2

With an overwhelming show of force, Sentinels have secured an easy victory over a rising Cloud9 Blue roster. 

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Previously, Sentinels’ risky lower bracket run ended after they defeated NRG with a 2-0 scoreline. On today’s Valorant Challengers Series Stage 2 Finals, the North American powerhouse again diminished all confusions. After their early departure from the previous Challengers series, it was Sentienls’ turn to make a comeback. 

The ShahZam led North American juggernaut was just one series away from being eliminated from the event. However, SicK’s dominating performance kept the team steady throughout the highly competitive run at the lower bracket.  

Backed by ShahZam’s experienced leadership, Sentinels’ roster did suffer a setback against AndBox. Sentinels took down T1, Immortal, AndBox & NRG to finally meet Cloud9 Blue in the Final. Cloud9 Blue went through some profound changes over the past few months. With a completely new structure, Cloud9 Blue surpassed all their previous records in VALORANT’s competitive scene.


Bind: Sentinels 13 – 4 C9B

Haven: Sentinels  13 – 6 C9B

Split: Sentinels 14 – 12 C9B

Cloud9’s heroic last stand in Split got stopped right in its track by SicK & TenZ’s outstanding performance. Nonetheless, the future looks bright for Cloud9 Blue as the newly formed roster with poiz, xeta & leaf showed promising results in the tournament. The team also imported two high-profile players xeppa & floppy from Cloud9’s recently terminated Counter-Strike roster.  

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It’s clear that Reykjavík will witness history as teams from all over the world will go head to head in LAN. Only two teams from North America will be allowed to participate in the event.  

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