Sentinels dapr suggests the implementation of a HP system for Cypher’s Spycam

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Cypher’s Spycam is one of the most efficient intel-gathering abilities in VALORANT. However, unlike many other abilities, the Spycam is extremely vulnerable & fragile. 

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Cypher boasts abilities that can hold down locations and angles remotely as well as acquire information without exposing the player. That being said, his abilities can be easily detected and destroyed by the cautious players. Thus, the resilience of the gadgets proves to be a huge obstacle for the Cypher mains of the community.

Professional VALORANT player Michael “dapr” Gulino suggested a HP system for Cypher’s signature ability, Spycam. Similar to other agents’ abilities like Guiding Light, Leer & Boombot, the Spycam should also have a certain amount of health. In this case, the increased health of Cypher’s Spycam will allow the agent to gather accurate information about the enemy.

The cooldown period for this ability is 15 seconds when recalled. On the other hand, upon being destroyed, the cooldown extends to 45 seconds. That being said, the chances of recalling the camera after being seen are virtually zero. 

Giving the gadget a certain health pool will provide more opportunities for the Cypher players to use the ability in unconventional ways. This change will allow a more frequent and precarious use of the ability.

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The release of Patch 1.11 permanently disabled Cypher’s abilities upon death. After that, the agent got overshadowed by his peers in some cases in the competitive scene. Nonetheless, this specific change may bring back some of his former glory.

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