Sentinels are in the Grand Finals of VCT Masters Iceland demoting NUTURN to the lower brackets

As VCT Masters Iceland continues, the best team in NA face off against the best team in Korea.

Sentinels have stayed strong and held a dominating position in the NA Valorant scene. They were the Champions of VCT NA Stage 2 Challengers finals. Now they have traveled to Iceland to represent North America in the Global LAN Event. Sentinels have won both of their games 2-0 against Fnatic and Team Vikings and move on to the upper finals.

NUTURN Gaming were the Champions of VCT Korea Stage 2 Challengers Finals. In the semifinals of the tournament, they knocked out Vision Strikers who were considered the best Valorant Team in the World. This shows that NUTURN definitely mean business and they are the sole representatives of the nation on the global stage.

The first map was Bind picked by NUTURN. In the first half, Sentinels were ahead by a good margin. The red team showed strong pushes as they won the rounds they needed on the attacking side and took the map. On the next map Haven, Sentinels dominated in the first half gaining a substantial lead which they managed to convert into a victory.

SicK and TenZ stood out with the best performances with a +14 and +16 K/D and 215.6 and 159.1 ADRs respectively.

Mapwise scores:

Sentinels 13-5 NUTURN
Sentinels 13-4 NUTURN

Sentinels have done it yet again, another flawless victory. Sentinels are now in the Grand Finals of VCT Masters Iceland without dropping a single map.

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