SEN SicK believes Breach is underpowered

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

VCT Stage 2 Masters Champion SicK says Breach is considerably weak due to his utility being ineffective.

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Hunter “SicK” Mims, who is known for his exceptional utility usage and versatile playstyle, shared his opinion on the agent Breach. In his view, Breach is not a good agent in higher ranks & professional stages. 

VALORANT has a wide roster of agents with a variety of different abilities. Breach is an Initiator with abilities capable of blinding opponents and creating openings. However, according to SicK’s tweet, Breach’s abilities, as well as his ultimate ability, are effortless to counter.

Breach has two flashes at his disposal which he can detonate through a wall. Nevertheless, the problem SicK stated in his tweet is that the flashes are easy to dodge. The exact location of the Flashpoint is clearly visible for a certain period of time during which an opponent can find cover or look away. Hunter also mentions that his ultimate is also very ineffective.

Additionally, he says that the Swedish Initiator can find use in lower ranks. On the other hand, in higher ranks and professional games, most players can dodge his Flashpoint, making Breach obsolete. SicK says that Kay/O’s FLASH/drive is more effective than Breach’s Flashpoint because pop-flashes are harder to dodge.

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Breach is one of the most popular agents of the game. However, since the recent update, Breach has lost a lot of his utility and afterwards his popularity has dropped drastically. Hopefully, Riot will listen to the community feedback and make necessary changes to get Breach back on his feet.

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