Thief Steals $40k Worth of Stuff from Seattle Surge Coach’s House While he was Sleeping

A thief has stolen close to $40k worth of goods from Seattle Surge coach Joey Nubzy’s house while he was deep in his sleep.

Joey “Nubzy” DiGiacomo is a former American Call of Duty pro turned Coach. He is 21 years old and is a coach for Seattle Surge. He is currently the head coach for the team. Previously he served as a coach for different teams such as Pittsburgh Knights, and Gen.G. Finally he joined the Call of Duty League as the head coach of the Seattle Surge and is with them for more than 11 months.

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Joey Nubzy Robbed

Recently Joey tweeted out on his Twitter about a potential robbery at his place. He said,”im being robbed right now can someone please dm me and call police”.

After about 4 hours he tweeted out that he was safe and there was no need to worry. He also mentioned that the thief took Joey’s phone and almost everything in his apartment.

In a later tweet, he clarified that more than $40k worth of stuff was stolen from his apartment. The thief apparently entered his apartment 3 hours prior to the incident. He said,

“easily $40k worth of stuff stolen. guy walked into my apartment 3 hours prior and the cops came and didnt ID him. he ate a banana on my balcony and then came back an hour later to rob me. lmao dont even know what to do, what a joke.”

Apparently while Joey was sleeping his neighbors saw the thief on the balcony and called the cops. Joey explained later exactly how it all went down,

“just to give context: this all occurred while i was sleeping. my neighbors saw him on my balcony at about 1:30 and called police. they came and spoke to him, let him go to my fridge and grab a banana, and then he offered to leave (super normal right) then he came back.”

although a lot of stuff was stolen from Joey’s apartment we are happy to know that he is safe and sound.

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