ScreaM thinks North American VALORANT teams lack tactical playstyle

Team Liquid’s Duelist and ex-CSGO professional ScreaM states that North American teams rely heavily on aggression instead of strategies.

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Since launch, the Northern American teams have taken up most of the limelight in the media with their aggressive playstyle and outstanding gun-play. Teams like Envy, Sentinels, FaZe are the most known aggressive teams in the North American VALORANT competitive scene. 

Recently, the NA based teams have preferred the fast-paced aim-heavy playstyle over a more methodical CSGO-like playstyle. On the other hand, their European counterparts like FPX, NIP, Acend etc. are leaning more towards the slow and strategic approach.

Video credit: TNL YouTube

In a recent stream session, Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom said that NA teams lack tactics. While they have better individual skills, their teamwork requires finesse. Right now, teams from both regions have a very slim difference in terms of skill, but teams from Europe can stand on top by utilizing their mastery of strategizing.

Competitive games such as VALORANT rely heavily on strategies and teamwork. While on paper, the strategy-heavy playstyle seems more likely to secure the win, teams like FaZe have proved their aggression by breaking through the toughest defenses. That being said, they had no chance to try their hands against the methodical European teams. Thus, we can only rely on ScreaM’s words.

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The superior playstyle will be decided at Reykjavik when the teams will test their mettle for the next VCT Masters. Whether tenacity or composure is more important will be determined by the crowned team. Thus, we can only wait and watch the debate end through the dedication of the professionals.

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