Scammer in Czech Republic May Face Up to 8 Years in Prison for Stealing a Knife in CS:GO

A Scammer from Czech Republic may face up to 8 years in prison for stealing a virtual knife in the popular FPS CS:GO.

Trading price of Knifes in CS:GO can sometimes reach absurd prices according to normal standards. The prices of these knives depend on their rarity and uniqueness of their pattern. Collectors can sometimes even pay upwards of USD 60k. But less rare knives can are traded for a fraction of that price. The General price of these rare knives can start from USD 1k.

There are a lot of security checks in place to prevent scamming and stealing of these items while trading. But sometimes the owners of these knives can get scammed and such a thing has happened in the Czech Republic.

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CS:GO Knife Stolen in Czech Republic:

A CS:GO player who had a very rare knife skin made a deal to sell it for thirty thousand crowns(Czech Kurona) which is approximately USD 1400. The scammer made a deposit of 4 thousand crowns(USD 186) and was supposed to pay the full payment at a later date. But he failed to do so which resulted in the owner of the knife to seek law enforcement help.

Police in Pilsen region are investigating the matter and the accused may face up to 8 years in prison for his misconduct which is rather harsh for a virtual item theft. But Virtual fraud in the Czech Republic is punishable by a sentence of up to 8 year according to the police officers.

The news even made headlines in the Czech National Television and they made a report about the whole situation. The Czech Republic Police report states that the seller fell victim to the scam on January 17, 2021. The police officers assigned to the case have initiated criminal proceedings on suspicion of committing fraud.

CS:GO knife stolen in Czech Republic
CS:GO knife stolen in Czech Republic

Although this might seem like a rare news to some, online trading scams are happening way more often than we think. But a scammer getting 8 years in prison for stealing some pixels in a game is a rare occurrence indeed.

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