SBMM Warzone’s tracker site might be shutting down

SBMM Warzone, a website that tracks players’ Warzone profiles and statics is in danger of being shut down. Tweets from the website state that they received an official statement from Activision to shut down their website.

When it comes to tracking match statistics in Warzone, SBMM Warzone was quite comprehensive. It provided all the statics for the player’s previous games in a very detailed manner. Moreover, it also helped to track the lobbies. Players could check out the rank of the lobby and even the statistics of other players they faced in the game.

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However, SBMM Warzone did cause some tremours in the Warzone community. Given that players are able to track their lobby ranks, the so-called skill-based matchmaking of the Warzone was the center of much contradiction. Players found themselves in lobbies way above or below their ranks. It also caused people to judge streamers coming out of easy lobbies with high kills.

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Regardless of all these, the website also provided a thorough breakdown of a player’s performance in a match. This helped to mark down any suspected hackers.

But recently, Activision’s lawyers have reached out to them and asked them to shut down the whole website. Furthermore, Activision wants to “guarantee their players’ privacy” for which SBMM Warzone can’t use their API, as per their Terms of Service.

SBMM Warzone however tried to reach out to Activision “multiple times” with partnership requests but they are yet to receive any responses.

As the situation remains, they are still trying to contact Activation to sort this matter out and also hoping to form a partnership, making them an official tracking website for the game.

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