Saudi Arabia takes the PS5 Launch Celebration to A Whole New Level

The hype for the release of the PS5 is building around the world. But in Saudi Arabia, it is literally on a building.

The release of Sony’s next-generation console PS5 is right around the corner and the whole world is hyped up. Sony announced the official release date for the PS5 to be on November 12th,2020. So it’s not surprising that the hype for the release of the PS5 is at an all-time high with just a few days left.

It is not uncommon for people all over the world to celebrate the release of a new console as it is the gateway of gaming for many people. But Saudi Arabia is taking the PS5 launch celebration to the next level.

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PS5 Release Celebration in Saudi Arabia:

The PlaystationSA official Twitter account made a post recently. In the post, we got a glimpse of how Saudi Arabia is celebrating the release of the PS5. Translation of the tweet is as follows,

“King Abdulaziz Road Tower in Jeddah adorned to celebrate near start #PS5 We are waiting for you to celebrate with us and share with us the most beautiful shots of your photography!” -Translated via Google Translate.

King Abdulaziz Road Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has taken the PS5 launch celebration to the next level. They projected a video of the PS5 on the side of the building on a very large scale. The video is projected for all people passing by the highway to see.

The PlaystationSA twitter account is encouraging people to share their best shots of the building with them to share in the joy of the celebration.

This stunt is sure to kick the hype for the PS5 into overdrive before it’s official release.

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