Salt And Sacrifice: Dreadstone Peak Guide

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Learn how to traverse through Salt And Sacrifice’s Dreadstone Peak with our extensive guide on this rich area.

Dreadstone Peak is one of the late-game areas in Salt and Sacrifice; in fact, it is the second last region in the game. Hence, not only is this region full of formidable enemies and bosses but also full of powerful and valuable items to loot and discover and use. Don’t expect to go to this expansive region and live to see the day without proper preparation. Level up your character, get the best of weapons and armors, and head into Dreadstone Peak.

Our Salt and Sacrifice walkthrough on Dreadstone Peak will guide you through to every corner of Dreadstone Peak so that you don’t miss out on all the beautiful loots waiting and also take down all the big enemies with ease.

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Dreadstone Peak Guide

Firstly to get to Dreadstone Peak, you will have to beat Marega Gredanya and Sapblood Heart to get the Luminstone and the stone circle. Then, get to the top of the Great Tree in Corvius’ Mire and use the Luminstone.

Now you can successfully enter Dreadstone Peak using the Mirrorgate Rune in Pardoner’s Vale. Congratulations, you now have entered Dreadstone Peak. The first area you should head towards is the Whitecrag Path.

Whitecrag Path

Head east and climb up the walls and over the building to obtain the Grimgrip Cap. An obelisk is also present near you. You can use your grappling hook to climb and reach more vertical areas. Enter the building ahead to find some enemies lurking. Defeat them and open the door.

Again head eastwards to another building, a temple. A boss awaits here, so get ready to fight The Two that Remain. A tough adversary or adversaries, to be more precise: Ouros, the Living Will, and Tenur, Valorous Blade.

The Two That Remain

Dreadstone Peak

Both Ouros and Tenur share a health bar and use attacks that look dodgeable, but they attack together, which makes things complicated. So wait for the right moments to attack as much as you can and heal in-between.

Ouros wields an axe to attack with multiple punishing moves. Uppercuts, Charging attacks, Downward attacks, and also summons exploding runes. Meanwhile, Tenur uses a sword with which he slams on the ground, does a backward leap, and thrusts quickly, uppercuts, a powerful kick, and a projectile attack that can follow you.

After clearing the boss fights, your next work is to find the Ethercloth Bolt, a vital item to access the final region.

Ethercloth Bolt Location

Keep going ahead and grapple up to reach the upper levels. Here, you will find some ledges that you can easily jump on and a room beside an updraft. Climb up the ledges and enter the room to find some corpses lying around. One of them has the Ethercloth Bolt. Use it by blocking while in mid-air.

Ethercloth Bolt is required to access new places using the wind streams. Therefore you can now use the updraft.

The Temple of Eleven

The Temple of Eleven is where the Named Mage Hunt is introduced, at the west side of the temple, near a grapple point. Although you can easily wander away exploring the innards of the temple, we advise you to start the hunt for the Neuromancer as soon as possible. As this will force you to explore the temple anyways, your hunt for the Neuromancer should lead you to the top of the Temple of Eleven, where the Neuromancer fight should start. Defeat it, and the door at the top of the temple will open, pass through to find another Named Mage hunt.

Salt and Sacrifice Dreadstone Peak Guide

You have to complete at least three Mage hunts from a total of five to advance to the final area of Dreadstone Peak. To unlock all the hunts, you first need to defeat the Neuromancer and have the Ethercloth Bolt as well. At this point, you should already own the Ethercloth Bolt anyways.

Old Annex

The Old Annex is behind a sealed door on the ground floor of the Temple of Eleven. Unlock it using a Named Mage Heart, which you should already own. You will be at the top of a tall wall. Dropdown using the Ethercloth Bolt to slow your fall utilizing the help of wind stream updrafts. Here you will notice a person standing around and interacting with him to unlock the Chaos Feast Faction.

A good lot of weapons and items await you here. Head west and use updrafts and grapples to reach a platform containing a chest. The chest will have Highblade Set and Steel Blade. From here, you will notice two paths, one narrower and the other leading to Pilgrim’s Respite. For now, head to the narrower one to find the Dracomancer Mage Hunt. Take it up and complete it. Now you will be needing just one more Named Mage hunt.

Pilgrim’s Respite

Head back to Old Annex and now enter Pilgrim’s Respite. You have to grapple over a gap to reach a platform that has the next Mage hunt just near you. Be wary of invisible enemies spitting projectiles at you. Reach the upper levels and head west to find a third Mage Hunt for the Diablomancer. You can start it right away, and then you will have completed the three required Mage Hunts. Or you can take on another one.

Anyways, backtrack and jump down through the gap from earlier and keep moving until you reach a split path again and another towards the east that takes you to Blasphemer’s Vault, a hidden area. The stone stairs are where you need to go to advance the region, while the wooden stairs take you to Whitecrag Path.

Before going through the stone stairs, head to the Blasphemer’s Vault to open shortcuts and some items.

Blasphemer’s Vault

Use the Luminstone to open up the hidden entrance to the Blasphemer’s Vault. Drop down and open the entrance to the vault to permanently make this area accessible.

Head east till you reach the walls. On your way, you will come across a few Vault Retainer. They have a lot of health and do significant damage, but they are easy to dodge. Dodge them if you don’t want to risk losing health. But they can be suitable for farming.

The eastern walls contain a door that leads to a room with an obelisk and updraft of wind streams. Use the streams to rise up and wall jump towards the sack present at the top of the room. The sack contains an Exotic Strand and a door that is a shortcut to the Old Annex.

Head back to the unlocked main door and drop down the platforms. Look for another sack containing Blazepy Clusters while defeating all the foes you find. First, head east to enter a room full of enemies and use them as a farming resource. Now head west and drop down another platform. Here head west again and run through a series of fragile platforms that drops down as you walk on them, head towards the end of this and grapple over the gap to reach another platform. Here, you will find an artifact and Frospyr Trios. The door here is a shortcut to Pilgrim’s Respite.

Now head east of the long platforms and drop below to find another obelisk. Here, take up the grappling challenge and try to complete it. Grapple to the top of the eastern room and find the sack containing Bluestone Mushroom; additionally, another challenge is present here for updraft. Taking on this challenge will lead you to fight Inquisitor, which is also part of a sidequest.

If you instead choose to remain in the room, head to the eastern exit for some crafting items, while heading west will take you to a new area for Pilgrim’s Respite. Even though this and the surrounding area has a lot of enemies to fight, we advise you to take them on and use the Magnesin pulley to open the doors that open alternate and shorter paths to its surroundings. Moreover, you get to farm items and salt.

Killing Neuromancer and two more Mages will allow you to access the Falling Star. If you’re following this guide, you should have already been done with this requirement. Hence, backtrack towards the top of the Temple of Eleven using the discovered shortcuts.

The Falling Star

The Falling Star  Peak Guide

The Falling Star Resides in the sky above Whitecrag Path and the Temple of Eleven. Once you’re at the door at the peak of the temple, head west till you arrive at the hanging platforms in the sky. Grapple on them and climb up the chains leading to a large dilapidated ship. Enter the ship from the west. This is the final area for Dreadstone Peak and contains the final boss battle. Here you have to move vertically a lot and reach the top deck of this ship.

Salt and Sacrifice Dreadstone Peak Guide

Inside the ship, keep heading west to find an obelisk. Keep climbing up off the ship. Here you will also be able to unlock a shortcut door that is an exit door of the ship. Keep going up and northeast to find a sack with an Umbral Keeper.

Backtrack a little bit till you are at a large gap that goes to stairs leading northwest. If you look closely, you can spot a hidden grapple spot to help you traverse this path. Furthermore, this is also a platforming challenge that you can take up if you like.

You have to drop down a hole once more but make sure you direct your fall towards the left so that you land on a ledge. From here, keep climbing up again and walk through the exit door. You will find some Frospyr Clusters at the northwest, but your main objective is to go west and drop down using the Ethercloth Bolt to open a door. The door leads to the ledge above the obelisk.

Climb up again till you reach the deck of the ship. Walk left towards the deck to start the final boss battle for Dreadstone Peak- Kraexenar, Wyrm of Sky.

Kraeaxenar, Wyrm Of Sky

Kraeaxenar, Wyrm Of Sky, is a giant ice dragon and a deadly enemy. It can easily take you down in an instant, so stay on your toes. Kraeaxenar flies breathe out frost a lot while hovering, flying over you, etc. Additionally, it will also try to attack you with its claws and tails and occasionally bite you.

These are all the move sets of this boss. Roll around to dodge attacks and attack it whenever it pauses after its attacks. The window of opportunity is quite slim.

Dreadstone Peak Guide

After defeating Kraeaxenar, head east to open another shortcut that takes you to the northeastern part of the ship. Walk past the shortcut and talk to the ship standing at the edge of the ship. The tree tells you how to reach the next region of the game; Elder Copse. Now jump off the ship and use the Etherbolt Cloth to float down towards the Magnesin pulley, which opens an entrance to the Temple of Elven. Make sure you get the Cyan Tomes and Fates from here.

Congratulations, you have cleared most of Dreadstone Peak and can now advance to the next area. Now comes the optional content in this icy region.

Optional locations and boss fights

Sentinel Caves

Sentinel Caves is located west of Whitecrag Path from the starting path of Dreadstone Peak. Glide through the updrafts to reach two entrances. The entrance on the right takes you to Inquisitor Amben after some grappling and platforming. The left door takes you to the caves. The cave has an exit at the top which takes you to the Falling Stars.

Explore and look for the chest containing Dusken Set and Iron-Band Stave. Moreover, you will find many lootable items, namely Shimmering Bud and Voidepyr Clusters. Finally, the most brutal Mage hunt, the Umbramancer hunt, is found here. Do not try this unless you are absolutely confident about your skills and equipment because Umbramancer will wipe the floor with you.

Inquisitor Selet

Inquisitor Selet attacks with his giant sword and in all directions. You can punish his slow movement while carefully timing any dodges. Defeat it to get his armor set, the Manganian Set, and some crafting materials.

Nameless Hunt

Defeating all five Mages lets you take on a Nameless Hunt that is beyond a sealed door outside of the Temple of Eleven.

Royal Set

Defeat two Named Mages to open a sealed door on the eastern side of the Temple of the Eleven. Enter and speak to the Royal Retinue. Make sure you talked to them previously in Pardoner’s Vale. Afterward, come back anytime to this place to find a chest waiting for you. It will contain the Royal Set.

Nameless Neuromancer Hunt

Use the Luminstone at the stone circle found at the bottom of the Magnesin pulley near The Falling Star. Once you do that, rush up the pulley and head west to use the ethereal grapple point to find the Nameless Neuromancer Hunt.

This is all there is to explore in Salt and Sacrifice’s Dreadstone Peak.

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