s1mple reportedly banned from VALORANT ranked mode

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Starladder | Igor Bezborodov

Ukrainian eSports prodigy Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev received a ranked mode ban in VALORANT. 

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s1mple’s presence in VALORANT has been incredibly heavy in the last few days. During his recent stream sessions on Twitch, s1mple showed an increasing interest in VALORANT. Although, it’s quite clear that he won’t be switching sides anytime soon. 

Earlier on his Tweet account, s1mple stated that his account got a ban on ranked mode. It’s apparent that the ban is temporary and not related to hacking or cheating attempts. Riot Vanguard usually detects & issues permanent bans for malicious activities. In this case, the reason behind the ban is still unclear. 

S1mple extended his Tweet by saying, “how to check when the ban will pass.” He also mentioned RiotSupport to pledge that he did not make any cheating attempts in VALORANT. Furthermore, the case will require an investigation from Riot officials.

It’s quite interesting that professional VALORANT player ScreaM asked s1mple if he was being toxic. S1mple’s sarcastic reply to the comment might be an indication that toxicity had nothing to do with the ban. However, prior to the issued ban, it’s unclear if s1mple also received a voiceban from VALORANT. Voicebans can temporarily block access to ranked mode.

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Riot is yet to make any official or unofficial announcement about the matter. The Ukrainian professional did mention Riot multiple times in his Tweet, seeking support. Nevertheless, the entire situation can be stabilized if Riot officials come forward with a solution for s1mple. 

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