Rust is finally coming to consoles this spring

The competitive survival game is coming to Xbox One and PS4 this spring.

Another year and we have yet another game that has gained popularity through Twitch. After its recent success, Facepunch Studios have announced today that the game will be arriving on consoles this spring. It has been several years since the release of Rust, and finally, it will be coming to Old-Gen consoles. We still do not have a specific date, although it will release sometime in spring.

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Rust has been a PC exclusive for a long time now, and it was until recently the player count reached a new peak. It has been almost eight years since the release of Rust, and the developers have finally turned to the console market. We are in the first quarter of 2021, and games are coming to PC from consoles and vice versa.

The survival game is set only to come to PS4 and Xbox one for now. No confirmation or talk about the Next-Gen consoles. The recent spike in the player base has helped Facepunch studios earn over a million dollars in a week. No wonder they want to increase the influence of the game and attract more gamers around the world.

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Rust will also have a closed beta coming in the following weeks marking its debut on consoles. The trailer above shows how it will look and play on Old-Gen consoles. However, they have not given us a release date yet, but Facepunch will release a statement and a date soon.

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