Rumors suggest that RIOT wants to add Battle Royale mode in VALORANT

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: RIOT Games

A rumor circulating the internet indicates that RIOT is developing a Battle Royale mode for VALORANT.

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Battle Royale modes slowly started to gain popularity during early 2018. The arrival of Player Unknown’s Battle Ground shook the entire gaming industry. Back then, game developers were rushing to make the next big Battle Royale title. Battle Royale games provided opportunities for many streamers to obtain celebrity status. Now, words are spreading that VALORANT might feature a Battle Royale mode soon.

According to PlayerIGN‘s Tweet, it’s assumable that RIOT might be testing an early build of VALORANT’s Battle Royale mode. “In any case, it’s confirmed there’s some kind of exclusive testing with the Chinese players atm,” added PlayerIGN. Previously RIOT tried to implement controller support for VALORANT, which indicates RIOT’s ambition to reach the console market.

Pleasing the console community is not a simple task. Console players tend to look for variety in a game. As of now, VALORANT is primarily able to offer a competitive environment, which might not be sufficient to establish a proper foothold in the console market. So, RIOT’s experiment with Battle Royale is not negligible by any means.

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RIOT is continuously trying to improve and execute various features for VALORANT. With the release of ACT 2, RIOT added deathmatch mode for the game. Currently, VALORANT offers four official game modes. In order to prepare the title for future expeditions on separate platforms, Battle Royale’s addition is crucial.

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