Rumor: Ubisoft Plus to join Xbox Game Pass

A new rumor have surfaced suggesting that Ubisoft Plus will join Xbox Game Pass in 2021.

Just like EA Play, Ubisoft Plus too provides a collection of all their best games and extra features, for one small price per month. Although, not as popular as the other ones in the competition, such as Xbox Game Pass. Ubisoft Plus still provides a huge value for money with their games.

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Even though to be taken with massive loads of salt, Rumors are surfacing talking about Ubisoft Plus to join Xbox Game Pass in 2021. Just like EA Play became a part of Xbox’s sweet subscription deal. Xbox has been focusing on its Game Pass model for a while now, adding big games and extra deals, such as 1 month of Disneny+.

Consequently, their subscription service is now of the biggest selling points for the Xbox platform. To add another big publisher to its huge list, will only sweeten the deal.

This rumor first surfaced from a site named Xbox Worlds, in addition to being reported by Pure Xbox. It was also tweeted by a Spanish Xbox related site, SomosXbox. So nothing is 100% confirmed yet. In fact, this might just be made up. But considering how Xbox is consistent and focused on expanding its service, it just cannot be ignored.

We all know Ubisoft has some amazing titles in their arsenal. Such as the Assassin’s Creed series, Farcry, Prince of Persia, and many more. Additionally, with the coming of new Farcry 6, Prince of Persia remake. Adding Ubisoft’s huge collection to Game Pass’ well-established catalog will be the perfect deal for any gamers. Thanks to Xcloud even mobile gamers can join in on the action.

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