Rumor: Sony is blocking Resident Evil 8 from coming on Xbox Game Pass

A leaked copy of the marketing agreement with Capcom suggests Sony is also limiting Resident Evil 8’s performance on Xbox Series X.

The rumor first surfaced on Twitter when a user shared a leaked confidential marketing agreement between Sony and Capcom, revealing some interesting details.

Under the Subscription Services section, it is mentioned that Capcom will not be able to assist, authorize or encourage any third-party subscription service platforms that may rival the PS Plus Subscription to offer Resident Evil 8. The rival subscription service platforms in concern include Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, Project X cloud, and Google Stadia Pro.

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The contents of the agreement also included restrictions against releasing any exclusive content or DLC to any other platforms such as Xbox or PC. Moreover, under the Timed Exclusive DLC Term, Capcom will have to release any and all DLCs of Resident Evil Village on PlayStation first.

They can release the DLCs on other platforms after fourteen days, giving PlayStation the edge of receiving a brief timed exclusive. Furthermore, under the contract, PlayStation platforms will receive a seven-day head start on any public or closed gameplay demo or Beta.

Moreover, The content of the contract also states that Sony will have exclusive rights to offer Resident Evil 8 to PlayStation Plus subscription for up to one year of the game’s initial release. As per the contract, Capcom may not be allowed to release a higher resolution version on the Xbox Series X, limiting the performance a player would otherwise be able to get.

However, one may take this only with a grain of salt. The credibility of the contract is still in the shadows, and it could just be a hoax. But, with that being said, it will not be entirely surprising if the contents of the contract do turn out to be true.

An aggressive marketing strategy like this can only be seen as desperation on Sony’s part. This is because more and more players have been drawn towards Xbox for its Game Pass subscription and Series X’s superiority in both hardware and performance compared to Sony’s PlayStation 5.

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