Rumor: PlayStation 4’s Most Hit Exclusives May Be Coming to PC

The list of PlayStation 4 exclusives coming to PC has been reportedly leaked on Steam Community.

PlayStation has been ahead of other gaming platforms like as Xbox, Nintendo and PC largely due to its wide range of hit and unparalleled exclusives. In fact, so much so, that PlayStation exclusives have become the sole driving factor behind the console’s success.

However, it seems that some of PlayStation 4’s most hit exclusives may be coming to PC as early as this year. Here is the leaked list of all the PlayStation exclusive games expected to be arriving on PC:

  • Spring 2021 – Days Gone
  • Fall 2021 – The last of Us
  • Summer 2022 – God of War (2018)
  • Winter 2022 – Spider-Man (2018)
  • Spring 2023 – Uncharted Collection
  • Fall 2023 – Ghost of Tsushima
  • Summer 2024 – Gran Turismo Sport
  • Winter 2024 – Bloodborne
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Although, this may not come as a surprise to a lot of people as PlayStation exclusives had made their way to PC before too. Popular PlayStation exclusives such as Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Detroit Become Human, Death Stranding, and Horizon Zero Dawn have all made their way to PC as of last year.

Days Gone and The Last of Us is expected to be ported to PC by Spring and Fall of this year. Although they are both survival horror third-person shooters in a zombie-apocalyptic setting, they are distinguishable in their own way. Although there is no way of telling when and if The Last of Us Part II will also arrive on PC.

If the release order is to be believed, PC gamers can expect to enjoy God of War 2018 and Spider-Man as early as next year. Given that Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection is also included in that list, it would have been nice if the first three installments of God of War were also being officially ported to PC in order for it to be a fulfilling story-telling experience for players. Furthermore, it seems that players will have to wait until the fall of 2023 to experience Ghost of Tsushima in its full ray-traced glory.

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