Rumor: Nintendo Switch Pro might be 4K and Borderless

The leaks about Nintendo Switch Pro suggest it might have a borderless screen with 4K resolution output.

If you already own a Switch console or are looking forward to becoming a part of the Switch family, then you probably have been waiting for news about the Nintendo Switch Pro. Well, you’re in luck as the leaked report by Vandal suggests that Nintendo Switch Pro may be coming out sometime during September or October.

According to the leak, the console will be officially revealed in this year’s E3. Nintendo Switch Pro might be entirely borderless with an output resolution of up to 4K when connected to the television. However, the resolution of the actual handheld screen is yet to be known.

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Bigger Screen, Faster ports and more

By eliminating the border, the handheld device screen is expected to be 7 inches. Moreover, Nintendo Switch Pro will be using an OLED Screen ensuring sharper colors, which is a major upgrade from the Switch and Switch Lite’s current LCD screen.

Furthermore, the dock itself will also be getting an upgrade. The current Nintendo Switch dock uses USB 2.0 ports. The Switch Pro will make use of USB 3.0, ensuring faster transfers of Save files and data.

The dock will also have an ethernet network port for cable internet connection. This feature is definitely a sweet addition as previous Nintendo consoles required the use of peripherals for internet support.

In terms of design, there will also be changes in the position of the Micro SD card for improved accessibility. The base will also see a change in design for improved stability. It will have a foldable stand at the back, similar to what we see in Microsoft Surface tablets.

However, the leaks do not mention a specific price or price range, so that part is left to speculation. Any other hardware specifications are also unknown as of yet. We might have to wait for Nintendo’s official announcement to get more details on the Switch Pro’s entire capabilities.

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