Rumor: Halo Infinite Battle Royale Will Be Closely Connected to Story Campaign

Battlefield informant Tom Henderson has shed some light surrounding Halo Infinite’s rumored Battle Royale Mode.

Halo Infinite is 343 Industries’ latest installment in the legendary Halo franchise. The upcoming Xbox exclusive first-person shooter game has already been creating hype among fans. While Halo Infinite Esports has already been announced by the studio, the possibility of a Halo Infinite Battle Royale mode has not been officially confirmed.

Now, Battlefield informant Tom Henderson has alleged that the Battle Royale mode has already been in development for some years. Not only that, the Halo Infinite Battle Royale will apparently be heavily tied to the main storyline campaign. However, he has also shared not knowing for sure if the plan has been scrapped or not. Furthermore, there was no mention of an exact date of release or a possible timeframe.

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Although 343 Industries has dismissed rumors of Halo Infinite having a Battle Royale mode in the past, data miners found some voice clips for a possible Battle Royale in the game’s preview source code. This rumor is not entirely unbelievable given the extent to which 343 Industries is trying to deliver a solid multiplayer campaign for Halo Infinite to the players.

If Halo Infinite can have cross-platform supported Esport events, a Battle Royale mode is not out of the question. Although, it would be interesting to see how exactly 343 Industries ties the Battle Royale to the main story campaign.

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