Rumor: Godfall coming to Xbox Series X/S

A recent rumor has hinted that Godfall might be coming to Xbox Series X/S.

Microsoft has officially acquired Bethesda recently, going one step onward in the Next-Gen Exclusivity race. Talking about exclusive games, Godfall is currently a Playstation and PC exclusive. However, an ongoing rumor that emerged from 4chan and eventually got trending on Twitter revealed plans for the game in 2021.

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Initially, Godfall got released as an exclusive launch game for PS5. Although according to a 4chan post, we will be getting more than just Godfall on Xbox Series X/S. The post made a statement saying we will get the game on Xbox by May or June of 2021.

Furthermore, we are also getting a Collectors edition coming this year for both Next-Gen consoles. Xbox players with an active Game Pass subscription will also get to play the game as well. We also have good news for Stadia fans, Godfall might finally release on Google Stadia later this year.

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These rumors are just speculations, and although Idle Sloth is a reliable source, we have to take these with a grain of salt. Until we get confirmation from the Microsoft or Counterplay Games, all we can do is pray and hope for the rumor to become reality.

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