Rumor: FIFA 23 Will Be Free-To-Play According to FIFA Insider

FIFA Insider Donk revealed the news of FIFA possibly going Free-to-Play with the hashtag #FIFA23.

Just a few days ago, Konami announced its newly revamped eFootball series which will be free-to-play. Given PES always has been FIFA’s biggest competitor, players have been anticipating a response from EA. Now, reliable FIFA Insider Donk has let the world know that FIFA 23 will be Free-to-Play with cross-platform support.

However, EA has not provided any official confirmation regarding this news. Given FIFA 22 will come out on October 1, 2021, we can expect FIFA 23 to arrive sometime during September 2022. In that case, we can expect to get more details about FIFA 23 during the summer of next year.

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According to Donk, FIFA 23 will feature cross-platform support. Meaning, players can team up with friends or compete against each other across all platforms including PC, Xbox, PlayStation. Cross-platform and cross-generation support has been much desired by FIFA fans. Both of these features have been confirmed to be present on Konami’s eFootball.

How “Free” is Free-to-Play

As we all know, FIFA has been one of EA’s bestseller series for decades. So, just how will EA profit off of their $60 game if they make it free for everyone? Well, making FIFA 23 free-to-play will give EA ample opportunities of adding microtransactions through paid DLCs and matches. Furthermore, they still have their FIFA Ultimate Team which garners huge revenue the same way.

Given how popular EA’s FIFA packs are, EA can easily bolster up their sales for these FIFA points by making their live service game available to a larger audience. However, no matter how “reliable” the source, the rumor should only be taken with a grain of salt.

Despite being the primary competitor of the PES series, FIFA has still stayed miles ahead of it in terms of sales. In both of the series’ lifetimes, PES has sold 111 million copies, whereas FIFA has sold over 325 million copies. Therefore, there is not enough incentive for EA to follow down the same route as Konami.

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