Rogue’s Player AceeZ banned for three games for Match-Fixing; Korey warned

Rainbow Six Siege professional player AceeZ has been banned from competing three European League matches, while Korey has been issued a warning.

After an internal investigation, Ubisoft has decided to issue a suspension of 3 EUL matches against Maurice “AceeZ” Erkelenz due to alleged match-fixing attempts.

In their recent post, Ubisoft stated, “the evidence gathered shows that AceeZ provided, without reserve, insider information by stating that Rogue would lose (the Pro League Season 11 match against Team Empire on April 13, 2020)” – a match that Team Empire did eventually win with a 7-5 scoreline.

AceeZ did try to defend his behavior by claiming that “he usually does not reply seriously to private messages inquiring about the outcome of a match”. However, Ubisoft couldn’t seem to agree with this as “the evidence provided does not show any element that would indicate that AceeZ’s message was not meant to be serious”.

Since the reply to AceeZ’s message indicated that the information would be used to bet against Rogue, Ubisoft considers that “AceeZ engaged in a conduct of inappropriate sharing of insider information”, as he knew that a financial wager existed for this match. And thus issued his suspension, which is effective immediately, starting September 28th.

In the same manner, AceeZ’s teammate Korey was also approached by an individual asking him for insider information regarding the outcome of the same match. The gathered evidence also portrays Korey responding that Team Empire would win the match “in his opinion“. The unknown individual “most likely” relied on this information to bet against Rogue, as it was implied by the player.

But somehow, Korey managed to only receive a warning for the same behavior AceeZ was banned for three EUL matches, which might possibly be for Korey explicitly stating that his response was just his opinion or the performance of both players in that match.

Image: SiegeGG

Because of these behaviors from Rogue’s players, Ubisoft has decided to issue a competitive fine of USD $5,000 against Rogue. But, the fine will be issued as a deduction of the prize money that Rogue may obtain throughout its participation in the Rainbow Six Circuit.

Adam “Hxsti” Imre Hostisoczki has temporarily filled AceeZ spot for Rogue during both the GSA League Finals and in the opening two games of Stage 2 of the EUL. And, “Hxsti” will also play in the third playday of EUL tonight against BDS Esport.

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