Rogue vs Misfits Gaming Preview

With the LEC Playoffs starting this week, we preview Rogue vs Misfits Gaming as one win guarantees Worlds.

LEC has been a very up-and-down split for many teams. However, now that we have come to the business end of the split, some teams have improved while others have remained the same. The first series of the weekend is Rogue vs Misfits, so let’s talk about the series and the teams.

The Series

After the regular split was over, Rogue picked Misfits as their opponents for Round 1 of the playoffs. That is the smart move given the other choice was G2, who Rogue has not beaten this split so far. Let’s start with Rogue first.


Rogue has been one of the best teams if not the best in the LEC regular splits. They have always been top 2 for the past year or so and have improved with every split they have played. However, when it comes to playoffs, their performances have been questionable. Their reverse sweep loss to MAD in the Spring Split Finals is still fresh on many people’s minds and it will be up to Rogue to erase that narrative.

Talking about their playstyle, their playstyle has always been the best fit for the regular season format. They are very organized and have a strict game plan where their early game usually has a very good start. Their rotations around the map in the early game are very good and they are a dominant team in the regular season for the first 20 minutes.

However, the problem lies post 20 minutes. For some odd reason, this team starts stumbling during a specific time period in the mid-game. That is a cause for concern for the team and the players and coaching staff have talked about it. For the regular season at least, we haven’t seen a change in that front. With more prep time, we expect them to mitigate or address this issue so that it does not backfire on them.

Their players across the board are excellent and have shown to be very good in their respective roles. The players who stand out are Inspired and Odoamne. Inspired has been lauded as the best jungler in the LEC and deservedly so. Also, Odoamne has been the best top laner in the LEC. Hans Sama and Trymbi have gotten better and have improved in the laning phases. Larssen has also been a consistent player for them.

While Rogue is a strong team, their weaknesses are a problem. For one, the previous issue we mentioned is a problem against the likes of MAD and G2. Also, their drafting has been excellent but it will be tested in the playoffs. Particularly, regarding gaining priority in lanes with picks. Rogue relies on priority lanes to start off their early game lead. They have good enough laners to do so but the drafting is a big part of their style. We expect them to be at Worlds and we hope they can improve and fix their issues when the time comes for the tournament.

Misfits Gaming

Misfits have been a surprising team this split in the LEC. They changed their coaching staff at the start of the split and it has paid dividends. As a team, they have been scrappy and have won some crucial games.

Hirit has been one of the best top laners in the LEC this split. He has proven to be a solid player for the team and Misfits give him resources. The only question mark about Hirit would be if teams can punish him and force a problem in the top lane. Razork has also stepped up as a jungler and has been solid. Vetheo has been improving as the split waned and Misfits have finally picked a solid mid laner for their future. Kobbe and Vander have been a consistent part of the team.

There is not much that stands out about Misfits. They are just a very solid team and there is not any real big weakness you can think of when you think about MSF. However, they do have some questionable decision-making at times and they are not a very strong team when behind. Not unless G2 recalls before Elder spawns in vision at least. Other than that, Misfits are a solid team and that is all you can really speak about them.

The Match-up

The series is going to boil down to a few points. If we get peak Rogue, this will be a quick series if Rogue plays at their best. However, if Rogue’s issues rear their ugly head, this series could become very scrappy. For Rogue, this is a simple series, play well and you win but if they play bad, it might be a problem. For Misfits, they need to attack Rogue’s early game and their drafting to take advantage of some of Rogue’s tendencies. However, we expect Rogue to win the series 3-1 as it will be hard for Misfits to poke a hole into Rogue’s style at the level they are. Misfits is a very solid team but Rogue is a cut above them.

In Conclusion

Concluding the article, Misfits vs Rogue should be a good series for Rogue to ramp up to the playoffs and fix out their kinks while Misfits will want to prove themselves in the playoffs. Hence, this will be a good series to watch to see whether we see Rogue at their peak or not and if Misfits can rise to the occasion.

For more about the LEC Playoffs Schedule, you can move to this link. LEC Playoffs starts this Friday with Rogue vs Misfits Gaming

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