Rockstar possibly teases GTA 6 with an Easter egg in GTA Online DLC

Someone researched throughout the new GTA Online DLC teaser and found out an interesting GTA 6 easter egg.

GTA 5 has been a big success for Rockstar Studios, and the game is still alive with GTA Online. Rockstar has been providing content consistently to keep the buzz going so that the player base does not fall. It has been six years since GTA 5 came out, and it is still one of the most relevant online games.

Moreover, in the recent GTA Online DLC, players have found out an Easter egg that might be a teaser to GTA 6. We all know how much Rockstar loves dropping Easter eggs in games, and this one is a long shot, but this might be accurate. GTA 6 coming out has been a rumor for a while now and this latest teaser could potentially mean it will be coming out soon.

GTA 6 teaser
Credit – Wellgamer789 twitter

In the teaser of the new DLC, there were some coordinates which leads to a road in Virginia Spelling the word ‘VI in roman’. People are saying that the new GTA could be named GTA VI-rginia.

This crazy theory came from Twitter and it makes sense. Rockstar loves to tease this sort of stuff as they have done it in the past. GTA 5 was announced for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S recently as well so can we expect to see a new GTA sometime soon in the coming years.

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