Rocket League adds a cosmetic shop instead of loot boxes

The update changed the game’s currency system. Many players are not happy with the update.

Last night an update was launched to add a shop in Rocket League. It sounds like a good update cause it replaces the loot boxes. The players were not so happy with the update.

Before the update plyers would buy keys to open crates and they could find rare items for 1$. Well, that was the best-case scenario. Some players paid a lot of money to get the items that they want. So, in order to do that players usually had to shell out 20$ or more to get their desired item.

With the new update Rocket League completely removed the loot box system. Now you can buy the items directly without any “surprise mechanic“. You will get exactly the item that you want no exception. This will definitely cost you at least 5$ since it is the lowest currency that is available. So, to get the item that you really want you have to pay more but you will get what you pay for.

In the current market removing loot boxes can be seen as a good move. After all, it is good that some developers are realizing that loot boxes are not a healthy business model. Rocket league is not a free to play game.

Players are complaining that adding a shop indicates that this game might go Free-to-play soon. Most players are not excited about that concept. Some are suggesting to boycott the game altogether. Players on Reddit voiced their concern to the developers.

At the moment players are suggesting they should boycott the game in order to raise their point across the devs.

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