Rocket Arena is Now Available on Steam

Rocket Arena is currently out now on Steam.

Rocket Arena is a 3v3 explosive arena Hero shooter published by EA(Electronic Arts). 3 players on each team fight each-other to knock players of other teams out of the map using rockets.

Everything is Rocket in Rocket Arena

The World of Rocket Arena is ruled by rockets. Everything in the world is done with the help of rockets. If we look at the trailer we can see the world of Rocket Arena. In the trailer, a girl wakes up from sleep and puts on her slippers to go to the washroom. The slippers are powered by rockets. She brushes her teeth with a rocket-powered toothbrush.

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Then we see a glimpse of the outside world and a rocket flies by the window. Even her couch is a rocket. You get the theme by now right? everything from furniture, utensils, vehicles is a rocket in the wacky world of Rocket Arena.

Rocket Arena Trailer


Currently, the game is in early access and the price is 29.99$ on Steam. If you decide to get the Mythic Bundle it will cost you 39.99$. You can learn what is in the mythic bundle from the Rocket Arena steam page.

System Requirments:

The system requirements for the game is also out now.

Rocket Arena system requirments
Rocket Arena system requirements

Can I Play With My Friends On Different Platforms?

Thankfully Rocket Arena has cross-platform play available.

Rocket Arena crossplatform

How many heroes are there?

Rocket Arena calls their playable characters Heroes. Currently, there are 10 heroes available. Rocket Arena’s official website has all the details about the heroes. Rocket Arena will add a new hero each season free for all players.

Maps & Game Modes:

Currently, there are 10 maps and several game modes. There are competitive as well as cooperative game modes in Rocket Arena.

Rocket Arena Blast Pass

Seems like battle pass is becoming the new norm for games nowadays. Rocket Arena also features a battle pass. They call it the blast pass. It has hundreds of rewards to unlock during the season.

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