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Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Slyce Entertainment

Survive The Killer is a brand-new game where you can be both the Survivor and the Killer! With the Roblox Survive The Killer Codes, you can get accessories and resources such as weapons and knives.

Slyce Entertainment has come up with a new exciting game in Roblox, which is Survive The Killer. This is an exciting game where you as a survivor have to hide from the killer, save your teammates and escape together. But if you choose to be a killer, you have to kill the players in the game before the time runs out or the teammates escape.

Note: We checked for the new and working codes of Survive The Killer on April 8, 2024

No New Codes

Survive The Killer Codes

The codes for this game are down below:

  • OOPSIES: 1 hour XP Boost
  • HOLIDAY—Redeem for a Holiday Splinter (New)
  • TRICKORTREAT: Stab-O’-Lantern Slycer 
  • RED: Code Red knife
  • SORRY: 1000 Cash 
  • PEST: Ye Olde Slycer

Expired Codes

The expired codes of this game are down below:

  • NEWYEARGRIND: 1 hour XP Boost. 
  • SNOWMAN: Minty Hook weapon. 
  • Boo: Knife Skin (Slycer skin)
  • DESYNC: The Broken Clock knife
  • LUCKY2022: Cookie Cutter Slycer
  • CUPID2022
  • SANTA: a Hat Slycer
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR: 2022 New Year
  • 900M: 900M Slycer
  • HALLOWVEMBER: Friendly Spirits Knife
  • 800M: 800M Slycer
  • jumpbug: the Jumping Bug Knife
  • 300k Knife: WhatsTheCode
  • Ribbons of Gold Knife: ThatsALotOfVisits
  • Devious Dagger: DEVIOUS
  • Happy’s Circus Knife, 50 Coins, & 100 XP: KILLERCRAZE
  • Chucky’s Rattle Knife: CHUCKY
  • Spoon Knife: SPOON
  • Purple Pinstripe Knife: MASHEDPOTATOES
  • Sunlit Glass Knife: TRADINGWHEN
  • Patched Knife: CRATESSOON
  • Test Knife: TEST
  • 100 Coins & 50 XP: 5MILLION
  • jumpbug: the Jumping Bug Knife
  • 700M: 700M Slycer
  • PRIDE: the Pride Knife
  • Lucky Carver Knife: LUCKY2021
  • Heartbreaker Knife: cupid2021
  • Clover Carver Knife: LUCKY2020
  • Rusty Dagger: FRIDAY13
  • Holiday Knife: HAPPYHOLIDAYS
  • Burlap Brute’s Chains: FULLMOON
  • Cheeseworth’s Cheesy Chopper: CHEESE
  • Sawblade’s Jigsaw Knife: SAWBLADE

How To Redeem Codes In Survive The Killer?

Credit – Roblox

Here is the step-by-step guide on redeeming codes in Survive The Killer:

  1. Open the game page.
  2. You will find the Twitter Icon with the word Codes on it on your screen.
  3. You must hit the Twitter Icon quickly as the game starts playing fast.
  4. Then enter any of the codes written above in the Enter Code Here box.
  5. Hit the Redeem button and claim your reward.

How To Get More Codes For Free?

Join the official Survive The Killer Discord Server, and Twitter account for more information. Codes can be a very useful tool in Roblox, as they can help you become better at the game in general. If you are stressed about where to find these codes, visit our site regularly, as we update these guides as soon as new codes are released.

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