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By Abu Bakar Karim
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Turn on the beat a bit more in Roblox RoBeats to redeem some codes for free coins and a bit of reward.

Match the steps, mix them with beats, and remix the tracks; RoBeats is all about that. Be a rockstar RPG overnight. Earn millions of fans and let them make you sit on the musical throne. However, you might get the vibe of Guitar Hero a lot at a point. Perform to your heart’s content and earn coins and stars. These are going to be your in-game currencies. You can rank up with these.

To discuss some freebie codes, freebie codes are here to let you enjoy the game more than ever. Say, the codes can grant you access to a lot of opportunities. Use the RoBeats codes wisely, and make it worthwhile this month.

Note: We checked for the new and working codes on May 14, 2024

RoBeats Codes

Let’s look at the active codes for Roblox RoBeats for this month. If you are lucky enough, you might get a sudden update with newer and updated codes.

  • thanks400k: 5 Stars, an Upgrade Boost, 3 Leaderboard Tickets, 1 Extended Cut Song Box (Normal), 1 Extended Cut Song Box (Hard), and 1 Mini Box (1 Star) (New)
  • famicom: 125 Event Points

How to Redeem RoBeats Codes

Let’s follow these easy steps to redeem those RoBeats codes:

  • Launch Roblox RoBeats.
  • Find the event button. It should be somewhere on the top.
  • Put any of those codes from the list and hit that enter.
  • That is how you get some pretty stable rewards.

RoBeats Expired Codes

The codes down below are the fallen soldiers. Our deepest condolence to them. Let’s look at these:

  • getit
  • thanks380kamateur
  • M31998
  • letsroll
  • vancouver
  • stagetesterq6
  • thanks380k
  • california
  • thanks380kstar
  • dice
  • Bloxdino
  • everythingwillfreeze
  • 2dmode
  • santasback
  • xmas2021
  • starsonly
  • darkcat
  • insight
  • fading
  • >0m0<
  • minitester
  • ewf
  • stagetester
  • viyella
  • xmas2021starsonly
  • wither3
  • freedomdive222.22

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