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Are you having trouble making explosives in Nuke Simulator? Here are some codes that might help.

Nuke Simulator allows you to assemble an armada of atomic weapons and use them to gain in-game resources such as gems and coins. Using the game currency, you must unlock more powerful weapons and achieve further progress. Your ultimate goal is to become the possessor of the most powerful nuclear weapons in the game world.

Note: We have checked for new Nuke Simulator codes on April 7, 2024.

No new codes found.

Nuke Simulator Codes

Here are all the active codes you can redeem for now:

  • HARDCOREBUG – Rewards (New)
  • WHENUPDATE – 3k Mega Tickets, 5 Daily Spins, 3x Free Exclusives, and 14x4h rewards (New)
  • MAGMIFACENT – 15 Mega Nuke Tickets
  • STILLFASTERTHANTHEDMV – 18x Coin Boost, 18x Damage Boos and 6x Luck Boost
  • BIGTICKETZ – 10 Mega Tickets 
  • BIGTICKETZZ – 15 Mega Tickets 
  • MASSIVEGIFT – 49.2K Coins, 5x Extra Luck Boost, 3x Crazy Luck Boost
  • MEGANUKE – 2 Mega Silo Tickets 
  • ThanksAzure! – 2 Mega Silo Tickets
  • Only1ThisTime – 1 Daily Spin
  • MOREBOOSTS2 – 8 Coin Boosts, 8 Damage Boosts, 6 Extra Luck Boosts, and 6 Crazy Luck Boosts
  • ILikeGems – 500k Gems
  • CYBERCOINZZ2 – 5million Cyber Coins
  • TIKTOKHYPE – 100k Coins
  • CreepyCyberCoins – 666,666 Coins
  • ImBrokeSoINeedThisCode – 100k Gems
  • CYBERCOINZZ 200k Coins

Expired Codes

  • PARI

How to Redeem Codes in Nuke Simulator

Check out the steps you will need to follow to redeem these codes:

  • Launch Roblox Nuke Simulator on your preferred device
  • Click on the shop button in the game.
  • Press the Twitter icon on the bottom
  • You can enter your activation code in the new textbox
  • After you click confirm, you will receive your game rewards.

How to Get More Codes

If you are looking for ways to get more codes, you can join Nuke Simulator Discord Server, follow the developers on Twitter, and check out developers Roblox Group for more information. Moreover, you can also follow our page, as we keep these codes updated all the time.

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