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Are you wondering what the latest codes in Roblox Goofy Tower Defense are? Check out the guide below.

Goofy Tower Defense allows you to protect your towers from enemies while expressing your goofy side, as the game’s name suggests. It is another tower defense game where you must defend three towers with four other players. Defenses can be placed and upgraded using cash.

However, to get cash, the equation is simple – the more enemies you kill, the more cash you will get. You can also use this in-game currency to buy different kinds of Towers, which can sometimes be expensive. Hence, the creators give out free codes, which consist of in-game dollars.

May 28, 2024: New Goofy Tower Defense working codes have been released.

Goofy Tower Defense Codes

Here is a complete list of all the available codes in Goofy Tower Defense:

  • Sub2Spoonlife – $600 (New)
  • Sub2PizzaDiv – $568 (New)
  • Sub2Aoi – $140 (New)
  • BratfulShouldHaveWon – $430 (New)
  • FamilyTime – $320 
  • Charcoal – $120
  • MerryChristmas – $2,500 
  • iHaveALife – $250 
  • HappyHolliday– $777
  • Water Towers = Summer?? – $560
  • WeLiveWeLoveWeLie – $450
  • WeAreSleeping – $350
  • TheJ – $1311
  • 1kLikesButDelayed – $1,000
  • ShinyBoiReal – $250
  • OmgNoDelay – $550
  • Mayonnaise – $230
  • 10kLikesWHAT – $1200
  • RipFlowDoggo – 400$
  • RIPDj – $250
  • JudgementCutReal – $400
  • NewUi– $230
  • Coffee – $659
  • Duckyyy– $150
  • DefaultBuilder– $250

Expired Codes

  • 200LikesWhy
  • 6kVisitsBruh
  • MobileCode
  • ApproachingStorm
  • JustAverage100Subs
  • 750LikesButFast

How to Redeem Codes in Goofy Tower Defense

To Redeem codes, follow these steps:

  • Turn on Roblox Goofy Tower Defense.
  • Look for a Gift icon at the left of your screen.
  • Click it and paste the codes we have mentioned above.
  • Now Press redeem, and the rewards will be added to your account.
Credits – Roblox

How to Get More Codes?

Apart from these codes, if you want to stay updated on the latest codes in Roblox Goofy Tower Defense, remember to join the official Discord server of the game.

Roblox has a massive list of games where each developer gives out free Codes, just like Goofy Tower Defense. If you are wondering which games give away free codes, check out Naruto But Every Second +1 Chakra, Anime Blade Universe, ALONE, Anime War Tycoon, Rap Battle Simulator, and our Roblox section.

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