Roblox Ghouls Bloody Nights Codes (January 2023) Free Yen & Rewards

Ghouls are on the streets of Tokyo in the bloody nights on the sole search for codes of January. Grab before the Owl arrives!

Roblox has developed quite a lot of editions of Tokyo Ghoul. However, xBEAR Studios has stepped up to take the hurdle. In the Bloody Nights of Tokyo, you get to be either the Ghouls or the Commission of Counter Ghouls (CCG) agents. Pick a side quickly, as Tokyo is drenched in blood. Besides, the bloodstream can be stopped from only one of the sides.

In Roblox Ghouls Bloody Nights, you play with several codes that drench you with rewards rather than blood. You will have Weapons to Coins. Moreover, if you are lucky enough, some additional mystery freebies. With these codes, be the only Alpha wolf in the pack.

Ghouls Bloody Nights Codes (January 2023)

The codes below are active and fresh for the Ghouls for January 2023. These are best served cold.

  • ReapSilverfoxxGBN: Free Yen (New)
  • BEARStudioIsBack: 6000 Yen
  • NextCodeAt100kLikes: 6000 Yen
  • MaineBackOnGBN: 3500 Yen
  • KoPandaBear: 2500 Yen
  • HappyHolidays: 2250 Yen
  • DemonSlayerComingSoon: 2000 Yen
  • Sagee4TheCenti: 1250 Yen
  • EdwardTheReaper: Free Yen
  • UpdatesAreBack: Free Yen
  • StannTheTwoTailed: Free Yen

How to Redeem Ghouls Bloody Nights Codes

Follow these easy steps to redeem those hot codes:

  • Launch Roblox Ghouls Bloody Nights
  • Look out for the Twitter bird icon. Catch that bird; I mean, press it. A text box will appear.
  • Put any of those codes and hit that enter.
  • The rewards are fresher than the corpse that you just feasted on.

Ghouls Bloody Nights Expired Codes

I’m glad to announce that there are no expired codes for Ghouls’ Bloody Nights. Get on a rampage already!

What are these codes?

You already got a hint of what these codes can do. From mystery rewards to cash, or even corpses, who knows, are ready to get served on the table. These codes are here to ease your experience in the bloody streets of Tokyo, whether you are a Ghoul or a CCG agent.

How to get more codes for Free?

Search for GameRiv and go to the codes section. There will be more than what you have ever expected. Now, take those CCG members out and let me take the stress of removing the expired codes in the next month’s update. Till then, cheerio!

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