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Do you have the guts to defend your tower till death? If you do, here are some free reward codes for your bravery.

Monsters and evil forces are out looking to destroy your tower, and it is up to you to defend it. You must hold a line against waves of monsters and enemy bosses, keeping them from crossing over. You will have your soldiers and turrets who will fight and die for you. After successfully defending against waves of enemies, you will get gems that can later be used to purchase better turrets and upgrades.

April 8, 2024: No new codes have been released for Defense Until Death Simulator codes.

Defense Until Death Simulator Codes

Here is a list of all the codes you can redeem for now:

  • 10000LIKES – 120 gems and coins
  • 5000LIKES – 120 Gems and 120 Coins 
  • 3000LIKES – 120 Gems and 120 Coins 
  • 1000LIKES – 100 Gems and 100 Coins
  • GROUP – 50 Gems and 50 Coins
  • DISCO – 50 Gems and 50 Coins

All Expired Codes

As for now, there are no codes for Defense till Death Simulator that have expired. However, we are expecting some of them to expire soon enough. So make sure you check back soon!

How to Redeem Codes in Defense Until Death Simulator

Here are all the steps you should follow to redeem codes:

  • Boot up your Roblox Defense Until Death simulator
  • Just after you spawn, turn right on the room’s corner to see a New Code: title hovering in mid-air
  • Walk to it and hold the E button to open the dialogue box
  • Now just copy and paste the code we have mentioned above
  • Click on Redeem, and the rewards will be added to your account
Credit – Roblox

How to Get More Codes?

If you are looking to stay updated about all the new updates and codes, make sure you follow the social media handles of Defense Until Death. These include joining the Defense Until Death Roblox group and Defense Until Death on their Defense Until Death Discord Community Server.

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