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Credit: Roblox

Are you looking for the most up-to-date Custom PC Tycoon Codes? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will showcase all working codes, including an intuitive guide on how to redeem them on all platforms in the easiest way.

Custom PC Tycoon is a popular Roblox-exclusive building game developed by Fallen World’s official group. Here, you will assemble your personal PC and sell it for money, after which you will be able to purchase new PC parts to create the most powerful PC possible. Upgrade your store regularly with the cash you earn and see if you can become the most successful seller of custom PCs.

Custom PC Tycoon has many active codes that provide exclusive free items and rewards, including currency. The more of these items you have, the stronger and more effective you will be in the game.

Follow the full guide step by step and take full advantage of these freebies as quickly as possible to see if you can climb up the leaderboards and establish yourself as the best player in the game.

Note: We checked for the new and working codes on February 29, 2024. 

new codes added.

Custom PC Tycoon Codes

Working Codes

Here’s a list of all the available and newly published Custom PC Tycoon redeem codes:

  • 70m Visits: +5 minutes for all boosts(New)
  • viperclipz: a free reward (New)
  • fallenworlds: +5 minutes for all boosts(New)
  • downtime2024: 30 minutes of all boosts
  • 135kLikes: 5 minutes of all boosts
  • likeTheGame: 5 minutes of all boosts
  • 60m visits: 10 minutes of all boosts
  • christmas2023: +5 minutes for all boosts
  • GamerFleet: 15k Cash
  • FluffyBunny: 1.5k Cash
  • newyear2024: a free reward
  • GamingDan: 2k Cash
  • Chapter2: 5k Cash
  • 70K Likes: a Radon RT 6600 GTU
  • Lunar: a 3000W Tiger PSU
  • 7M Visits: a SP 5CE Motherboard
  • 30K Likes: a 6Bit V0 CPU
  • 5M visits: 2x Fusion cooler

Expired Codes

  • 120kLikes: Free Cash 
  • SoHot: 15k Cash 
  • Chapter2: 5k Cash 
  • Trick or Treat: claim exclusive cooler
  • GamingDan: free PC Parts
  • 70K Likes: claim PC components
  • April Fools: claim PC components
  • Lunar: claim 3000W Tiger PSU
  • 7M Visits: claim SP 5CE Motherboard
  • 7k Likes: claim free Ram
  • 3k likes: claim free Memory
  • 400k visits!: claim free Ram
  • 30K Likes: claim 6Bit V0 CPU
  • NewUpdate: claim 1.5k Cash
  • 5M visits: Fusion cooler
  • LikePower: claim Like power supply
  • Supportive: claim free Nightcore case
  • FirstMilestone: claim free Thumbs Up Cpu
  • Merry Christmas: claim free OV15 Fan x6
  • Fan Power: claim free Whoosh Cooling

How to Redeem Custom PC Tycoon Codes

Credit: Roblox

In the Custom PC Tycoon, redeeming codes for free rewards is indeed very easy. Just follow the steps described below:

  • Open up Custom PC Tycoon on your device.
  • Search for a Gear icon on the right side of the screen which is the settings.
  • It will open the code redemption text box if you tap on it.
  • Copy a code as it appears in the list we gave.
  • Simply paste it into the code redemption text box labeled “Type code here”.
  • Finally, click the Enter button and enjoy your reward!

How to Get More Codes for Free?

To get more updates on Custom PC Tycoon and Codes, just search and the developer’s Discord server. We’ll keep you updated with additional codes once they are released. You should redeem these as soon as possible. New codes are added quite often, so there’s nothing to worry about if you missed out on any previous ones.

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