All Blending Simulator Codes

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Use the latest codes of Blending Simulator that come with free ingredients, rewards and open up your smoothie shops one by one to level up quickly.

Do you like adding random ingredients and making smoothies? Well then, join in on Blending Simulator, which brings you the joy of creating smoothies and selling those to the NPCs to gain money. Players will need to go out and explore various areas to find and collect resources to blend. Once the smoothie is made, you can sell it and get cash and other rewards.

Moreover, gathering new ingredients will open up new regions and maps for you! New items will generate more money, and with that money, you can upgrade the blender from time to time and also be able to open smoothie shops. However, if you are falling short on in-game resources while doing so, you can always redeem codes released by developers.

April 6, 2024: We updated the article with new and working codes

No new codes found.

Blending Simulator Codes

All the latest codes are down below:

  • thebuilderrat: 3X Rebirth tokens
  • sugarrush: 20X Jellybeans, 20X Cookies, 20X Sugar
  • goodbye: 5X Rebirth tokens, 10X milk, 10X cookies, and 3X Robux Crates
  • milk: 10X Milk

Expired Codes

All the expired codes are down below:

  • 2milvisits
  • TenThousand
  • uhoh 

How To Redeem Codes ?

To redeem your codes, you must:

  1. Start your game.
  2. Click on the Twitter button.
  3. There is an Enter Codes Option.
  4. Click on it.
  5. Text Box would appear.
  6. Put any of the codes above in the box.
  7. Then, confirm and claim your rewards.

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