All Berry Avenue Shoes Codes

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Decorate your character with beautiful Shoes on Berry Avenue. You can get cool items with the latest codes.

Berry Avenue is one of the cutest Roblox games. You get to enjoy diversified aspects of the world of Roblox on Berry Avenue. Players can role-play any available character; for example, a police officer, salesperson, or even a robber!

The world of Berry Avenue is open, and thus exploration can be enjoyed fully along with friends or other players. Moreover, houses, cars, and other valuable items can also be purchased to live a lavish lifestyle. In Berry Avenue, you can easily customize your appearance by changing clothing items, shoes, etc.

April 8, 2024: We updated the article with new working codes.

Berry Avenue Shoes Codes

All the latest codes are down below:

  • 12448040057: pink ankle boots with heels.
  • 12883574688: pink lace-up boots.
  • 13006201871: black and white long sneakers.
  • 13006223027: Long white sneakers.
  • 12152461999: Y2k black moon boots.
  • 12152457195: Y2k white moon boots.
  • 12180070163: fluffy white slippers.
  • 12180079738: fluffy pink slippers.
  • 12542036509: black shoes with straps and small diamonds.
  • 12624674506: long pink booties with gaiters.
  • 12625567249: blue shoes with straps.
  • 12542064364: black shoes with straps.
  • 12542056080: pink shoes with straps and small diamonds.
  • 12542078181: pink shoes with straps.
  • 12542049399: white and black shoes with straps and small diamonds.
  • 12554348056: white shoes with straps and small diamonds.
  • 12542070940: white shoes with straps.
  • 12626156229: pink shoes with straps.
  • 12624681468: long white booties.
  • 12883858242: blue Crocs.
  • 12883560634: home slippers with bunnies.
  • 12883848756: black Crocs.
  • 12883853844: pink Crocs.
  • 12883851599: white Crocs.
  • 12479523712: red Louboutins.
  • 12521222042: white Botfords.
  • 12518709036: Long white boots with fur.

Expired Codes

The expired codes of this game are down below:

  • Unfortunately, there are no expired codes at this moment.

How To Redeem Codes In Berry Avenue Shoes?

Berry Avenue Shoes Codes

To redeem your codes, you must:

  1. Start your game.
  2. You will see an Avatar icon on your screen.
  3. Click on the icon. And then get to the Menu.
  4. After that, you will see an Equipped option. Press it, and the Import Item ID box will appear.
  5. Put any of the codes correctly.
  6. Finally, press Submit and claim your rewards.

How To Get More Codes For Free?

Join the official Beryy Avenue Shoes Discord Server, and follow Twitter account for more information. Codes can be a very useful tool in Roblox, as they can help you become better at the game in general. If you are stressed about where to find these codes, visit our site regularly, as we update these guides as soon as new codes are released.

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