Roblox Arch Piece Codes (October 2023): Free Beli & Rewards

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By Abu Bakar Karim
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Expand your voyage on the search for Devil fruits in Roblox Arch Piece and get some freebie codes on the way for this October.

Devs from ShonenBlox have created a mysterious journey to the Grandline in search of Devil fruits. People familiar with the One Piece anime franchise already know where this is going. Even though this game is in beta, our Monkey D Luffy is fully powered up and ready to go on an adventure. All you have to do is, collect the Devil fruits, consume as much as you want, and set your social status at a bar where the Grandline will be known by your name.

The freebie codes you will get in Roblox Arch Piece are for your experiences in the game to get a little easier at every point. Use these codes, redeem rewards, get on finding those Devil fruits and be the pirate king that you always wanted to be.

Arch Piece Codes (October 2023)

Let’s look at these active codes for Roblox Arch Piece for this October. These tend to get updated now and then, so make good use of these before newer and updated ones arrive.

  • Like6 – Advanced Mech (New)
  • Like40000 – Advanced Mech
  • NERV30000 – Advanced Mech
  • Rei10000 – Advanced Mech
  • Robot5000 – Advanced Mech
  • Like1000 – Advanced Mech

How to Redeem Arch Piece Codes

Follow these steps below to redeem those active codes quickly:

  • Launch Roblox Arch Piece
  • Look for the three lines icon on the left side of your screen. Found it?
  • Now, put in any of those active codes and hit that Enter
  • You will be getting the fresh smell of redeemed awards by this time.

Arch Piece Expired Codes

Thanks to the Devs, till now, there is only a single piece of code that has fallen on the battlefield. Below is the one martyr:

  • GEAR5: 2000 Beli

What are these codes?

Devs know how much effort the gamers put into the games even before the effort of the devs themselves. To ease up the gamer’s experience, devs tend to release these codes to make a good time out of it for the gamers. You can use these codes to redeem items and unlock some currency boosters as we have already seen that you will be getting some free belis that can be used in the in-game shop to buy various items.

How to get more codes for Free?

Bookmark this page, at the very least. Or you can simply come back once again in the next month when newer codes and updated ones arrive. Let me take the headache while you reach the grand line. Adios!

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