Riot will reveal more about the VALORANT Lore in 2021

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

As the VALORANT community is showing extensive interest in the backstory of the game, Riot decided to keep the attraction alive by glimpsing some aspects of the storyline. 

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VALORANT has a colossal backstory hidden in plain sight. Some commonly known words are “Kingdom” & “Radianite.” Except for the fact that it’s a corporation, the real identity of the Kingdom is not yet known. Every VALORANT agent possesses a specific set of abilities that defies the customary laws of Physics & reality. However, their origin countries & in-game dialogues render indefinite assumptions about their past. 

VALORANT Lore: The Kingdom & Radianite

The Creative Director of VALORANT, David Nottingham, stated in a recent article, “ We’ll start to explore deeper into Kingdom: What is this corporation? What’s with all the secretive bases and stuff? How does Kingdom have such a huge global presence in a world that is our own near-future Earth? How much of a mirror does this world hold up to our own modern day?

All along we will continue to bring you new maps (with EPIC backstories), new Agents (from places far flung….and closer to home), and other exciting new content that builds out and expands on the lore, and hopefully continue to inspire your own thoughts, theories, ideas and stories”.

Riot’s approach towards developing a solid backstory for VALORANT will be lengthy. As a matter of fact, developers will reveal a significant part of the lore in future episodes of VALORANT. However, players might have to estimate most of the storyline by themselves. Not to mention that it’s a healthy strategy to maintain a proactive gaming community.

After few months of Beta testing, Riot released VALORANT in June of this year. So far, the game’s backstory only proved to be mysterious. Despite the lack of solid information, the community-made theories about the game seem reasonable. In the article, developers left some clues about VALORANT’s lore, and the core storyline might reflect our existing world from many perspectives.

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VALORANT’s next big update is scheduled to release in January of 2021. Some ongoing issues about the game need attention. Previously, Riot officials pledged to take necessary actions against smurfs & deserters. Nonetheless, it’s obvious that VALORANT will undergo an immense transformation next year.

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