RIOT is reportedly bringing some changes to Sage’s abilities

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: RIOT Games

In a Tweet earlier, RIOT stated their desire to bring some vital balance to Sage.

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During the Beta & early stages of VALORANT, Sage was the primary pick for many professional players. Sage’s impact in certain situations could determine the outcome of a match. By using her Barrier Orb & Slow Orb, she could easily resist a full-stack push. However, RIOT nerfed some of Sage’s abilities with the release of Patch 1.07. 

After the release of Patch 1.07, players no longer considered Sage as an effective agent.  Sage’s Barrier Orb was not effective for defensive purposes anymore. Developers also reduced the size of her Slow Orb by 30% than the original. In addition to that, Sage’s signature Healing Orb was tuned down by a significant amount. 

Two months later, RIOT wants to implement some necessary modifications to return some lost glories to Sage. RIOT aims to revise Sage’s Barrier Orb & put some potential buffs. Although, they didn’t clarify what exact changes Sage will receive. The next patch (1.13) will be deployed on 8th December, right after First Strike Global Finals. Patch 1.13 might be concentrating primarily on the ongoing issues around Smurfing.

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VALORANT now features Skye as an alternative to Sage & Breach. RIOT is continuously diversifying VALORANT’s agent pool to provide varieties for the players. VALORANT’s meta is constantly changing; even if Sage gets a substantial buff, fitting into the current meta will be a challenge for her.

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