Riot to remove Little Legends from ARAM in patch 10.15 with a refund opportunity

Due to a lack of popularity, Riot Games is planning to remove Little Legends from ARAM in patch 10.15.

Teamfight Tactics was a massive hit last year attracting thousands of players. One of the unique characters Riot introduced on TFT was Little Legends, which players completely adore. Due to its massive popularity, they also introduced Little Legends for ARAM as well. But it didn’t get that much attention from ARAM players.

Today, on the latest dev post, Riot Games’ game director Andrei “Meddler” Van Roon said that they are removing Little Legends from ARAM for “the sake of gameplay clarity” on patch 10.15.

“LLs on ARAM meaningfully undermine visual clarity, with the motion and brightness they add making it harder to track champions and their spells,” Meddler said. “We’d hoped to avoid that being an issue by having LLs usually avoid central areas where combat happens. That hasn’t been sufficient however.”

Meddler also mentioned although a lot of players have bought Little Legends for Teamfight Tactics, almost no one brought it specifically for ARAM. And most of the ARAM players do not seem to care about Little Legends that much, which is the main reason for its removal.

Previously, devs had to focus on Little Legends’ ARAM animation, size, and other factors. But now as devs are primarily focusing on Teamfight Tactics, they are getting more freedom on creating unique and “cool” Little Legends for TFT.

But there are still some players who actually liked Little Legends on ARAM and bought a few of them. Riot has apologized to the players for this inconvenience and they will start a refund for the players who have brought Little Legends but never used them on Teamfight Tactics. The refund will start from patch 10.15.

It might be goodbye for Little Legends from ARAM, but Riot thinks its right call for ARAM players for the sake of gameplay clarity.

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