Riot teases new VALORANT map “Paradise”

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

A new VALORANT map has been teased in a recent Tweet from VALORANT’s official Twitter account. Although nothing is confirmed yet, this certainly does provide clues to the nature of the map.

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Currently, there are five maps in the game: Ascent, Bind, Haven, Icebox, and Split. Each of them has its own unique aspects. Due to the low number of maps, competitive and professional players can achieve a level of mastery faster when compared to other games. On the other hand, the casual playerbase is gradually losing interest due to the tediousness of playing in the same maps repeatedly.

The 6th VALORANT map will be called Paradise

Icebox was the latest addition to VALORANT’s map pool. It was added to the game during the launch of Episode 1 Act III. However, the VALORANT community was very disappointed with the map. Thus, Riot made some changes to the map receiving huge criticisms from the community. Still, many players are discontented with the current condition of the map.

It is expected that the addition of a new map will be warmly received by all the players. The casual side of the playerbase will receive some much-needed varieties after a long interval. At the same time, the professional and competitive players will have a new map to study and master. 

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Previously it was assumed that the map was going to be located on a ship, but the latest picture might give us a different outlook. Though it’s not confirmed yet, a map with seaside views would be a very distinct experience for the players.

Hopefully, Riot will make this new map appealing to the eye and full of competitive potential with the help of their experience with Icebox. As of now, Riot is yet to provide a certain release date of the map, but as always, it’s highly likely that the new map will be released alongside the upcoming ACT.

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