Riot shares the official Udyr rework concept art

Ahead of the release in 2022, Riot Games shares the official Udyr rework concept art.

Udyr was considered as one of the worst champions in League of Legends, up until the Turbo Chemtank meta. Moreover, he is also one of the few champions who still have their old model since season 1. Many players have shown their frustrations over the years and asked Riot to give him some sort of rework to make him viable in the modern League of Legends.

Riot however did give Udyr a VFX update in season 10 improving his transform effects. And later, announced a VGU poll in which The Spirit Walker had a “landslide” victory. Riot then confirmed that they heard “loud and clear” from the players and they will bring up Udyr to modern champion standards.

Previously, Riot said that they are already working on the Udyr rework and the VGU will be ready in early 2022.

And now, ahead of his release in season 12, Riot Games has shared the Udyr rework concept art that shows his early development looks.

Here is the official Udyr rework concept art by Riot Games’ concept artist, Justin “RiotEarp” Albers:

Udyr rework concept art
Udyr Rework Concept Art by Riot Games

From the concept art, it seems, Riot currently has six different form/design ideas for the Udyr rework. And the ideas are Warrior Shaman, Mountain Brawler, Wild Druid, The Untamed, MMA Shaman, and Deity Invoker.

It is still very early to assume which design/designs will be finalized by Riot Games. But based on many League of Legends fans, the MMA Shaman and Deity Invoker are clearly the best two. Furthermore, it is also unclear how they will handle the Spirit Guard Udyr skin as well.

“The current research and development are still in its early stages,” Riot Games said. “But there should be enough in a few months.”

The reworked Udyr, The Spirit Walker, is set to come out in 2022, but before that Dr. Mundo’s VGU will be available in the next few months while Tahm Kench’s rework comes out later this year.

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