Riot secretly buffs Skye, says their focus is on “Larger volumes of Raw Ability” for the Initiators

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
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Image via Riot

For Act 3, Riot has been moving toward a more gunplay-reliant game. For this many agents including got ability nerfs. But even while getting a nerf Skye has gotten a hidden buff.

Valorant was unique from the rest of the competitive tactical shooters due to having precise gunplay as well as unique abilities. These characters with unique abilities were called “Agents” and were unique to each team. These agents had roles of Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel, and Controller according to the skill set they bring to the game.

But for the past few months, there have been complaints coming in from the community that the game has become too much dependent on these abilities. From the early stages, Riot has continued to declare abilities weren’t supposed to kill but cunning players have time and again abused the abilities of the Agents to either get kills or assist to such a degree that only minimal gunplay was necessary to achieve kills.

This is why for Act 3, Riot has finally taken steps to enforce gunplay. They increased the prices of several abilities, nerfed them, and will be introducing an agent whose unique ability will make him capable of rendering the enemies unable to use abilities.

Amidst all these Skye has got a nerf increasing the price of her Guiding light from 150 to 200. Not only that, the number of total birds was reduced to 2 and there was an added 40-second cooldown to her ability. But she got a hidden buff where she would exit the bent bird animation faster now.

Regarding the matter, Riot Altombre said, “It’s a bit of a newer development, for sure. Duelists still tend to have a lot more capability to heal up after engagements or deny trades to secure more advantaged fights over around, whereas initiators bring a broader spread or larger volume of raw utility. It’s something we still talk about a lot but feel these versions of breach and Skye will also be easier to balance across competitive environments overall.”

We think Riot’s decision to make the game more reliant on skillful gunplay was the correct way to go.

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