Riot Offers 10 FREE Radianite Points for 2021 New Year with Prime Gaming

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
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Last Christmas, Riot included the Night Market, a special store that had a variety of weapons and discounts on them. This time, for the new year, they are offering 10 free Radianite points with Prime Gaming, which can be claimed here.

Since its launch, VALORANT introduced a plethora of skins to date. Most of these skins had unique variations, ranging from a minor color scheme tweak to looking like entirely different weapons. The way to purchase these weapons is to buy VP, or Valorant Points, from the in-game store.

When players purchase the original skin, they are also allowed to unlock color variants on select skins. Also, the weapon animation, VFX, and finisher had to be unlocked separately as well. For unlocking these, VP could not be used. Another type of currency, RP or Radianite Points, is needed.

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Free Radianite Points

VALORANT in-game screenshot showing unlockable finisher.
VALORANT in-game screenshot showing unlockable finisher.

RP can be earned in-game by buying the ongoing Act’s Battle pass. Also, there might be people buying the individual gun skin and do not want to invest in the battle pass. Players can also earn RP for free at the end of a few chapters, albeit taking a lot of grinding.

On the occasion of the new year, Riot has partnered up with Prime Gaming to give subscribers free 10 RP. Prime Gaming is Amazon’s service, which offers Twitch Prime status, TV shows & movies, and monthly game loot drops. These loot drops can contain anything from a Golden Lootbox in overwatch to 10 free RP in VALORANT.

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